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bhavishya puran muhammad tripurasur x

What Bhavisya puran has said

<= Muhammad in Hindu literature =>

Please note that the page below is,not an attempt to finding the truth of Mohammad's appearance and disappearancetin hindu literatures, but its to counter the windish bluff of some mischieveous muslim institutions to HURT Hindu SENTIMENTS, by absurd propagonda ! One such attempt is unveiled here with ! plz go throu the links as a must to know or realize how a deliberate misinterpretation by wrong translation is used to spread the lie ! viewers are requested to comment, only if they have a brain to think on there own and only after they read both the links as well !
thanking you !
As per Dr jakir naik and the foundation for islamic research claim that Hindu scriptures have a prophecy of the appearance of prophet Mohd ! As the proof dr jakir naik reffers a Book called Bhavisya puran ! Before proceeding I suggest the visitor to visit the link and care fully note what he writes in his site !
As per the link below it contains the translation of the original texts of the relevant portion of the Bhavisya Puran and the picture of the pages which Mr Jakir Nayak has referd in the site ISLAMIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION !
Please click the link ;
( )

Now on reading these two links it can be concluded that,
0)The way the King Bhoj went ahead in worshiping at the kaaba implies that it was a shaiva peetha or a sacred place where the deity was LORD SHIVA OR MAHADEVA !

1) Hinduism or atleast Hindu way of worship was there in KAABA even in the period of Muhammad !

2) The tell implies a victory of Hindus on the Mlechhas or the barberians !

3)As the translation in the bottom link, The Prophet Mohammad or Mahamada is described as a Devil or a PISHACHA or a SATAN who wants to spread the Pishach dharm or THE RELIGION OF THE SATAN i.e. ISLAM !

4) Jakir naik, seems to project the KING BHOJ'S prayer and surrender to LORD SHIVA As if he surrendered to the Satan...
Sala.kamina tujhe jo man aya wo likh dia.islam saytan badmaso ka dharma Mohamad hai aur tera prophet ak bada harami hai
24.10.2013 07:28 EDT,
ISLAM shatano dwara peda kiya gaya dharma he jo talwar aur dhak-dhamki se Africa middle east aur india me faila.dusre countries e.g. african continent ke uneducated logo ko arab gulam bnake le jate aur fir unhe islam kabul krwate.istarh islam yaha bahot faila. jab ki india me hinduo ne unka datke samna kiya jisse india me kabhi islam itna nhi fail paya!!!! ye reality hai aur ha ISLAM SAB SE ZYADA FAILNEWALA MAZHAB KYO BNA??! iska bhi jawab hai!!!
27.06.2013 22:18 EDT,
Jo ankh ke andhe aur akal ke dusman honhe ve hi ise galat samjhenge mam ap apna kam karte rahie aur hame rochka tathyo se prichit karwate rahie
26.01.2012 06:01 EST,
Ashrai or who ever, I have seen many people who start beating the drums after throwing the ball into the opponents goal post with out the simplest realisation that, the opponent has a defense who is much tough to get into anyway, what makes you think that East and west, Islam is the best ? Is it your reality that scares you with complex? Give evidence or logic, of what you have said,i hope you have a head to think that the lier naik is doing STRIP TEASE ! he he !
07.12.2011 09:11 EST,
It's truè beyond doubt that MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.) is our prophet (messenger) so we should follow what is brought by Him. GO EAST, GO WEST BUT ISLAM IS THE BEST.
07.12.2011 07:54 EST,
Jab bhavishya puran likhe gaye the us samay vaidik dharm sari dunia me faila hua tha.Iran,Iraq shukr bhoomi thi.kandhar-Gandhar,Labor-Lov nagar..etc.En logon ko hamari kitabo ka galat anuwad kaise kiya.Ye hamari Mahanta hai jo ye hone dete h.Agar hum anuvad karne lage to....!.sochiye jkr sahab.
02.12.2011 21:47 EST,
mr shamir your comment reveals how orthodox you are ! i dont want to say that its you r a habbitual lier and a windish propagonist who is very much like joker naik only knows to bluff !
04.04.2011 19:39 EDT,
Apki written se pata chalta hai ki wo kahawat hai na adhjal gagri chhalkat jae.ap kabi nai sochogi ki ham sab hindu muslim bhai aik ho.kya ye kam karne ke lie paisa monthly milta hai.
24.03.2011 06:22 EDT,
Mr. Meri him, na to mene bhavisya puran likhi hai na mene uska jikr ki hai yhan ! its mr jakir naik or JOKER NAIK who has allegedly used wrong translation and fabricated the truth ! i never said, that bhavisya puran or the link has authenticity ! but yes i believe that Jakir is a lier ! but if some one else translates in a different line and claims that irf .net is using unfair means to glorify or support his own belief, then why you become so irritated ?
22.03.2011 00:50 EDT,

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