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Contradictions from KORAN

Many friends over here have a mystical belief that Koran is a book which only contains the msg of Allah so it is claimed as if its error free (How can God err ?) ! Thats why sites are created to prove someone else's belief as false or illogical (Seems war between gods )!
Now though i donot argue on this topic still i believe it to be, one more propagonda like the Bhavisya Puran episode !
Those who don't know what the Hindu Puran has said and how it has been interpreted mischiviously, may chek the link below !
However to my surprise there are some arguments by some sites which claims Koran is not free from mistakes ! To be precise, It contains many Contradictions as well !
As I know a little about Koran, instead of going for an assesment myself , i just have linked the pages for the viewers reference !
Plz check,( ) for the contradictions related to other beliefs and see also ( )

The Texts may be verified for the genuineness of the contents in the websites which i have given in the link !
Behold! How they lie against their own souls! But the (lie) which they invented will leave them in the lurch. Of them there are some who (pretend to) listen to thee; but We have thrown veils on their hearts so they understand it not and deafness in their ears; if they saw every one of the Signs, they will not believe in them; in so much that when they come to thee, they (but) dispute with thee; the Unbelievers say: "These are nothing but tales of the ancients." Others they keep away from it and themselves they keep away; but they only destroy their own souls and they perceive it not.
13.03.2013 18:17 EDT,
Mr al aqsas why do u bring me, some thing as 'allah has said' ? i belong to them who dnt regard allah as god, so not even kuran as a devine scripture Nor islam is based upon humanity ! Grow up and define Allah in natural logics, not in islamic logic ! by the way there is a challenge by a very famous man whose proof is beyond times ! i would rather suggest you to go and argue with him at ! By the way if u think my texts are absurd or illogical or genuine then you have the liberty to give me evidence in support of you !
13.03.2013 00:39 EDT,
Beware of what you post.... Before you post anything... Make sure it is Correct and authentic.... Do some Research.... If you post something up that is false.. Read what Allah says: ► Let them bear, on the Day of Judgment, their own burdens in full, and also (something) of the burdens of those without knowledge, whom they misled. Alas how grievous the burdens they will bear! •——• sura AN NAHL chapter 16 verse 25 •——• pls click and READ | ALLAH CHALLENGE
12.03.2013 16:03 EDT,
If u will study vedas with a secular heart and mind u can find Muhammad (pbuh) in vedas with various names and qualities like, NARASHANS, MAHARSHI AGNE, INDRA IN HAVEN, AHMAD, WITH MANY WIWES, WILL BE BORN IN DESERT, WILL BE ILLITERATE, and many many other indications/ and aobout islam Muhammad(pbuh) is not founder of Islam he is only last Prophet but islam is from begining of word and Hazrat ADAM(alhsm) was first Prophet. For more clearense of ur doubt please visit
03.06.2012 04:34 EDT,

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