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¤~~~~SeX !NF0

A-Anal sex, being a gentleman is realy hard, but for a girl it hurts like shit for the first time! But who cares, takeing the dirt road is one of the best things and most enjoyble ones. Be sure to use protection, reasons being anal, or ass fluids tend to be dirty with feaces and can cause serious illnes to mr. Winkles.
B-Blowjob.. What more can I say? One of the most enjoyable things a man can enjoy! Be sure to entice your partner with flavored condoms, and respect your partners wishes if she prefers to spit instead of swallow. And no, you cannot get pregnant by swallowing the white stuff.
C-Condoms are great for protection against unwanted little visitors from the land of V! Flavoured and textured condoms are very usefull to put that extra kink in your sexlife!
D-Docking is one thing that must be perfect to please the fussy women. If she has to help you dock, could prove fatal to youre evening of good fun. Its embarrasing to not find the goldmine and dig, and she thinks you are an amatuer. Try checking the position of the hole first, and then dock with style.
E-Ejaculation is the result of climaxing, squirting bodily fluids, supposed to be for procreational use.
F-Fanny Fart is the funniest thing I've expierienced, okay back to reality. When air enters the vaginal column and gets compresses due to her body motions, it is released through her labia's which causes a sound similar to a fart. Aahaha ha.. Funny!
G-Gooch is also used to refer to the male's scrotum.
H-Hump: To engage in sexual intercourse, does'nt matter how rough or softly.
I-Intercourse would be... Fuck, I don't think I know this one!
J-Jimpels or Jags meaning to be 'Horny' in the Afrikaans language.
K-Kinky explains a feeling or situation where sex could get interesting.
L-Lesbian, my personal favorite, two females engaging in a relationship with sensual attributes. It amazes me!
M-Muff diving. Using your mouth to pleasure a woman. Licking and sucking, or eve sticking it all the way in there!
N-Naai: To fuck, engage in sexual activity. Afrikaans word.
O-Orgasm: The climax which your body reaches during sex, releasing hormones and stimulants in the brain. Pleasureable expierience. Also releases bodily fluids.
P-Poenani, it is a beautifull thing kids. Reffering to the female sex organ.
Q-Quick dick, if a male gives sex realy good and fast.
R-Rash: Forming irritation or infection on the human skin.
S-Snuff is sick, various 'tricks' can be described. From extreme violence to rape, real stuff. This stuff is not cool.
T-Tits, breasts, two lovely soft smooth marshmalowy... Sorry got carried away.
U-Unprotected Sex leads to unwanted surprises, and sicknesses.
V-Vagina. Female sex organ.
W-Willy: word used for the male sex organ.
X-XxX: letters used to describe adult content. Whether in media or reality.
Y-Ysbeer..( Die ysmonster ) Was a learner in my school... He was a sexaholic and drools in class.
Z-Zwitter: German word for Hemaphrodite. Two sex organs on one body. A thing.

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