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@ Pl@Y3Rs T()R/\/\3{\]T

Typical boaster that sends you on an emotional rollercoaster,
you sit denying ratifying but your wires spark fires like a dysfunctional toaster but at the end of the day you remain an insignificant coaster where
I put my goblet down I hold the strings of the clowns
while you behind bars watching the cars
you always knew you were from mars among the stars
you continued to lie like your lines were a plague of flies
combined with deceptive cyanide
the rules you never applied you failed to comply
you sat there in superiority deluded you think your game was concluded
but you lost your intention in this ego invention
you claimed love you think
my innocence was a white dove
you made me think we fit like a glove
behind the scene you were far from clean
your lies produced like pies in an oven
you failed to govern honesty you laid in confirmation
conception derived from your ultimate deception
now you lay in dis-connection with zero affection
your appeal landed your player ass at a shade of
dis-continuation yet you still seek
obliviation your antics created a series of
exploitation resulting ultimate
You sat there claiming lines why didn’t I implore the fines
your lies were plotted like mines who could sit and deny
my my what a fool you were drowning in a pool you sat drooling
facts rely your game packed it was ordained to be wack
your ego went smack you ultimately lacked respect you were confined to contempt.
I vent on your pathetic attempt you lied played failed your appeal mailed
but I hit the nails on your coffin you were no love boffin
You were continuously bluffing now its your empty carcass I be stuffing
the process of embalming to me is purely calming
you had no chance you continue to dance you a fake make I’ll rake your remains make them my textual flour you know this rap got power you be the virtual cake
just go cry a lake

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