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Animated Comics/Fantasy/Anime

!! WhaTs in Ma hEarT!!

::: "7th MaY 2007 will go down in
ma hist0ry as the daTe I
finally fall in l0vE..Since ma
feelings haVe nevEr
gonE..!! I hOpE 1 daY wE
geT 2gedEr..!!
y0u givE mE thE bEsT 17TH
monThs anY c0uLd asK 4..!!.
y0u givE mE s0mEthinG 2
liVE 4..!!. U stiL d0..!!.
28TH OctobEr, 2008.. wen u
express ur heaRT 2 me..wut
acTual ur lOve...I jz bRoke
Really Itz takes only a
minutes 2 get a crush on
some1;..An Hour 2 lik some1
nd A daY 2 lOvE some1..
buT iTz tkes a lifE timE
to 4geT rEalLY..!!
SomEbodY say..LoVE is lyk
gamE..sOmE tym u wiN...
SomE tym u loss...!! may be
I loss na..!! I cnt win ur
I rEalLY thought I wouLd
st0P thinking in U..buT i
kn0w deEP d0wn I hve n'T..
EveN though I keEp tElL in
masElF I don'T..U l00k s0
g0rgE0os eveRyTimE I sEE ma
lOvE..!! uR's Pers0naLitY s
s0 lyK I wanT in GirL..!!
tHE paiN I goT whEn U leFT
mE waS lyK a family membEr
die..thaT hw cl0sE I
treasureD U...!!..
I nEvEr wanTeD 2 die..!!.
Im be truThfulL 2 U..!! iT
sTiL hurTn 2 seE U
I s0 w0ulD lOvE 2 asK u baCk
I h0PE 1 daY U cOulD waLk
baCk in ma aRmS...!!
I dnT caRE wHaT pEoPlE thinK
Itz U I caRE nd lOvE..!!
I wiLL alwaYz lOvE U...!!
RealLy whEn U lEfT mE..ItZ
dEvasTeD mE..!!
U gVE mE s0mE thinG 2 liVE 4
thEn 2 haVE iT taKeN awaY..!
OnedaY I hOpE U caN teLL mE
whY wE reaLLY brOkEuP..!!
nd iF wE gOT baCk 2geDer wE
EnD wOrK on thaT..!!

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