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Multimedia gallery

[ Episode 01 ]

The Art of Jin

Eps 01: The Thunder Birth

Year AK 600,the sixth month,the sixth day.The series of Thunder and Lightning continues to terrorize the Kaerians.Kaeri is the eastern most town in the Plane of Syndraca,and is best known for the Akaya Ryde Jin Academy,who trains successful Ryde in the Arts of Jin.
The Lightning and Thunder grows more violent as a hooded Ryde watches the phenomena from a hut.Suddenly,all the lightning strikes a same point in the Altar of Kaeri,a statue dedicated to the God the Kaerians worshipped,Thadura The Thunder God.The sky then turns white,and a bright light shines Kaeri and all over Syndraca.And then,mysteriously as it came,the Lightning and Thunder vanished...

The Kaerians are still shocked by the strange phenomena,as the hooded Ryde approaches the Altar.His back straps in a huge and broad Jin.He looks at the stone statue of Thadura,and noticed a basket wrapped in yellow robe.He picks it up and was suprised to see a baby sleeping peacefully inside the basket,putting his finger in his mouth.
"Kaiyu,you're not doing what I'm thinking...are you?" a voice suddenly interrupts the hooded Ryde.
Kaiyu turns back and sees a hooded Ryde,dress in the same way as himself.
"Quazura,I will prove that you're Devilish believes about this child is wrong",Kaiyu speaks to the other hooded Ryde,Quazura.
"If he is really the son of Thadura,then he will wields unlimited power,and he will vanquish infinite evil."Quazura declares.
"That's exactly what he is!He is the prophecy.This child is The Thazachi." Kaiyu raised his voice against Quazura.
"You're wrong,and I'm will not let you keep the boy.As I've said,he is the son of The Devil!" Quazura speaks back to Kaiyu."And don't think I won't hurt you because you're the youngest brother..."
Quazura grew more serious and unhood himself.He has a long scar across his left eye,all the way down to his neck.He takes two steps backwards and draws his long Jin,the Tormentor Jin.
"Brother!" Kaiyu was suprised to see Quazura drawing his Jin,and ready to fight.

Quazura releases a light blue shaded Aura that surrounds himself.He feels that the baby in Kaiyu's clutches must be destroy today,or there will be no hope for the people in Syndraca.
"He is not the son of The Devil.I will not fight you!" Kaiyu protests his brother's actions.
"Arhhh!" Quazura shouts as he rushes towards Kaiyu with the Tormentor Jin posing a striking movement.Before Kaiyu can dodge,a blast of energy shoots Quazura and forces him to back off.Kaiyu was sure he saw the blast shoots straight from the basket he is holding...."Could it be...." Kaiyu speaks to himself.
"No...He is not The Devil's son...He is The Thazachi....He only blasts Quazura because....because he feels threaten....That's why...."
Then without a doubt,Kaiyu takes the baby and headed to the forest outside Kaeri.
Quazura's left limb is severely injured by the baby's sudden attack just now.He keeps his Jin and looks at the way that Kaiyu has left,and an angry expression suddenly came to his face....

"If he is The Thazachi,his identity must be kept a secret!" Kaiyu speaks to himself as he reaches his secret lair outside the forest of Kaeri.He unwrapped the baby and holds him,saying,
"The Thazachi,son of Thadura,I shall named you Venishi!"

To be continued...

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