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Multimedia gallery

[ Episode 02 ]

The Art of Jin

Eps 02: The Ryde Xchange

Twenty years after the birth of The Thazachi.........
Venishi (Ven) grows up with fellow friend Ryo under the Ryde teachings from Master Kaiyu Akazawa.Ven's identity as The Thazachi has been kept a secret even from himself.It is possible that only Kaiyu and his brother Quazura knows of the events regarding Ven's birth,although both of them has different theories about it.Ryo on the other hand,was found by Kaiyu as an abandoned orphan not long after Kaiyu picks up Ven.Ryo has a cheerful face and is the same age against Ven.Ryo has a grudge against his parents,who or what,that has dumped him twenty years ago,before his fateful meeting with Kaiyu.

AK 620,the second month.Ven and Ryo has been called upon Kaiyu.Despite their different attitudes,the two young Rydes are well trained under the Akazawa Arts of Jin under the elusive Master Kaiyu."It's about time you both receive a Ryde's gift." Kaiyu speaks to Ven and Ryo as they approach him.He then takes out two long Jin-carrying case.He opens the first one,and inside lies a shining new blue layered Jin."The Mystic Jin,best known for it's varying abilities,and limitless Aura combination possibilities.I found this Jin the same time I found you." Kaiyu speaks to Ryo as he hand him the Mystic Jin.Ryo looks at his Jin with full passion in his eyes.
Kaiyu then turns his attention to Ven,as he opens the other case.The second case contains a bright and shining silver coloured Jin,a very new Jin made of silver."This is the Jin that me and my four brothers forged.And now I present it to you,Ven,my first apprentice.The Silver Jin." Kaiyu hands the Silver Jin to Ven.Holding the new Jin,Ven was full of confidence.

"And now to serious matters.This year's Ryde Xchange is about to take place.The Xchange is an annual competition destined to announce the greatest Ryde in Syndraca,it's basically a competition between the three Ryde Art." Kaiyu explains to his students."I've received two invitations,and I'm sending the both of you to join this year's Xchange."
Ven and Ryo is half suprised and half happy about this news.
The two young Rydes packed their belongings the very same night,as they'll set off to Kran City the very next day.It takes two months from Kaeri to travel to Kran,where the Xchange will be held."We'll be there just in time for the Xchange." Ryo speaks to Ven as they packed on.The next day,the two Rydes set off.Kaiyu bids them farewell and shouts out on last advise,"if situation gets worst,look out for my four brothers.They'll help you." Ven and Ryo waved goodbye as they walks towards a long journey to Kran city."The Emperor and the most powerful Rydes can be found in Kran!" Ven says to Ryo.
The two of them soon enters a forest that'll bring them from Kaeri to their next stop,Kushi Town.

As the two walked in the forest,night started to fall.Suddenly,thick black smoke appears and surround Ven and Ryo.The two Rydes turned around and sees a man dressed in red-gold,and with a long red hair.He is laughing at both Ven and Ryo.And then a dozen of Souras appears around Ven and Ryo.
"Souras!They're warriors raised from the dead!"Ryo exclaimed,as Ven prepares to draw his Jin.The laughing man halted the Souras and walk towards Ven and Ryo.He then speaks,"I am Tsuji Nakara,one of the Fikara Minions.I'm here to kill you both!"

To be continued...

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