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Multimedia gallery

[ Episode 03 ]

The Art of Jin

Eps 03: The Fikara's leash

The Souras drew their black-coloured Jins and attacks Ven and Ryo.Tsuji laughs on as the two Rydes draw their Jins to fend themselves.
"Crush them!" Tsuji orders the lifeless Souras.Ven and Ryo manages to knock down many of the emerging Souras.And finally,all of the Souras are defeated.
"They're not as strong as you think." Ryo says to Tsuji then.
"You're something special,boys..." Tsuji speaks on as he prepares to draw his Jin."I'm the apprentice of Sakena,I won't lose to some brats!" Tsuji draws his red coloured Jin."The Ravager Jin!" He then rushes towards Ven and Ryo,in an attack formation.
"Ryo,we'll show him the Akazawa Arts!" Ven says to Ryo as he begins clashing Jins with Tsuji,the Fikara Minion.
"Ha ha ha ha..." Tsuji laughs on as he strikes down Ven.

Tsuji is about to end Ven's life when Ryo's Mystic Jin blocks the Ravager Jin."Nice try boy!" Tsuji mocks as he swings his Jin that sends Ryo off.As of that,Ven gets up and slashes Tsuji's chest with his Silver Jin.The attack causes Tsuji to back off."Oh....You've manage to bleed me..." Tsuji says to Ven as he wipes the blood off his chest..."I'll not hold back now!" Tsuji places his Jin across his back and steps into another attacking formation.And slowly,red Auras begins to appear and surrounds Tsuji.
"He's planning for an Aura attack.." Ven says to himself,as Ryo gets back up and joins him.
"Die! Pathetic fools!" Tsuji shouts as he dashes towards the two Ryde again.His attacks are more violent now,as Ven and Ryo defends themselves desperately.

As Tsuji is about to win,Ven suddenly gets a boost of energy,his Silver Jin begins to shake,and lightning Auras begins to be released from himself....Both Tsuji and Ryo is surprised.
"You're onslaught ends now!" Ven pointed his Jin to Tsuji as he speaks on.
"He's really one with the Prophecy..." Tsuji speaks to himself.
Ven then violently attacks Tsuji,as if his body is being control by an unseen force.Tsuji was finally knock down to the forest floor and he drops his Jin.And Ven then returns to his normal state as the lightning Auras slowly disappears.Ryo walks to Ven and comforted him.
"Fool...I maybe defeated...But you'll not live!" Tsuji says to Ven and Ryo as he lies on the floor."My master will know this,and he'll be after you...."

Just as Tsuji is about to breathe his last breath,a shadowy figure appears and carries him away.The figure's movement is very fast as Ven and Ryo has trouble identifying it.The figure then stops.Ven can see it's a masked man with a black robe.The mask is a divident of black and white.The maskman then slowly chanted something and with magical spells,heals Tsuji.
"He's with him..." Ryo says to Ven.
Tsuji then picks up his Jin and stared at Ven and Ryo,he says,"Alright boys,round two!"
The maskman halted Tsuji and says,"I will deal with them,you're hurt by the way."The maskman has a very deep voice.He then approaches Ven and Ryo."I'm Jixe Murani of the Fikara Minions.And I'll finish Tsuji's job!"

Jixe then chanted something and slowly,images of Jixe begins to appear,all around Ven and Ryo...
"Illusive technique,he must be trained in the Arts of Magisa!" Ryo says to Ven as they look around themselves.The illusions of Jixe then draws a magic wand each.And they all chanted,"Casse Fire!" And then,fire blasts shots out from all the wands.Ven and Ryo jump around to evade the blasting attacks.Ryo then takes the initiative and strikes down a Jixe.And it appears to be an illusion....
"It may take a while to figure out which is the real Jixe!" Ven shouts to Ryo as Jixe's illusions begins to wave their wands and prepare for another attack.

To be continued...

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