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Multimedia gallery

[ Episode 04 ]

The Art of Jin

Eps 04: Possibilities

Both Ven and Ryo are no match for Jixe's powerful spells under the Arts of Magisa. "Enough toying around,finish them now!" The impatient Tsuji shouted at his comrade Jixe.

"Be patient Tsuji..," Jixe replies in a low and calm voice.He raised his Mayu to finish them off as sparks of blasting spells begins to generate from it.

Ven and Ryo are lying on the forest floor,motionless."We're done for!" Ryo shouted to Ven in desperation.As Jixe is about to strike,a slash of attack slices through Jixe.And his chest is slashed.Jixe's Mayu was broken into two.Both him and Tsuji was suprised by the sudden attack.Ven and Ryo glanced up,and they saw another young Ryde.He is dressed in sleeveless flaming clothings,and has a long tied hair.His serious face was strikingly fearful.

"Fikara Minions? I've been waiting a long time for this..." The serious Ryde speaks to Jixe and Tsuji.
"Who're you?!" Jixe demands an answer.
"The best Ryde in Syndraca.I am Tyashi Kisema of the Akazawa Arts!" Tyashi replies.Both Ven and Ryo was shocked to hear that Tyashi is also trained in the Akazawa Arts.

"...!...!...!." In a split second,Tyashi draws his long red flaming-designed Jin,and attacks Jixe. Tyashi's fierce Jin techniques are too much for Jixe to handle.As Tyashi continues to conquer the match,Tsuji draws his Ravager Jin and joins the battle,despite his injuries just now.
"He is well trained." Ven speaks to Ryo,as Tyashi smiles in his battle against the two Fikara Minions.

"Is that all you've got?" Tyashi mocks the Fikaras as he launches his final attack.He is surrounded by flaming red Auras,and a huge radiation of heat wave begins to emerge.Jixe and Tsuji are completely forced to back off.Before their fall,both the Fikara Minions disappears,obviously a retreat....!
There was complete silence back in the forest,as Tyashi returns to his normal state,and walks towards Ven and Ryo.
"Thanks for...." Before Ven can finish his thank line,Tyashi interrupts.
"I didn't do that to save you.I'm just looking forward to a match with the Fikaras."
"Who are them anyway?And why're they after us?" Ryo asks.

"The Fikara is a team of elite Rydes that are the followers of the Dark Ryde, Sakena." Tyashi explains.
"Sakena??" Both Ven and Ryo shook their head in confusion.

"Sakena is a powerful apprentice of the Shadow God,Shakushin.Sakena is so powerful that his Ryde skills are considered at the same level as the Gods." Tyashi explains. "And,the only thing that can defeat Sakena,is the Thazachi.Although it's just a myth... "

"The Thazachi...I've heard about it.." Ven says to Ryo.
"But why would Sakena sends the Fikara to attack us?" Ryo asks.

"You fools.......Because Sakena has anticipated both of you.He has sensed that there is a slight possibility that either one of you is the Thazachi that he fears most...." Tyashi says... "But my hopes against the Thazachi prophecy is all let downed by your performances just now....,those two Fikara are just low level Rydes...and you can't even defeat them....Or maybe the true power of the Thazachi is not harness to the max yet...."
"The Thazachi is rumoured to be the strongest Ryde ever,the one that'll vanquish infinite evil...Hmmm...I guess the prophecy not quite accurate...." Tyashi speaks to Ven and he turns his back,and begins to leave...

"But don't let your hopes down yet...There is 'still' a slight possibility that one of you is the Thazachi..." Tyashi speaks his last words,as he disappears in the forest.....

To be continued...

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