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The Three Temptations of Jesus

Every man in the ministry must know that before being established, before you qualify to be approved as a minister who can be trusted by the Lord, you must face and overcome all these three temptations of not, you will not be able to qualify.

Read: Matthew 4:1-11

- What we first have to understand is, Jesus did not do in the desert to fast and pray like most of us think, but the Bible says in the first verse that the Holy-Spirit took Him there to be tempted by the devil. So you see the Lord will take you in a place or in a level or dimension where the devil will tempt you, not that He want you to fall or fail, but to make sure you have passed the test and that you will be strong to stand when a kind of temptation such as this may occur again in your ministry.

First Temptation:

Disobedience (by doing your own things)
Matt 4:3

- This is not like people think that it has something to do with food, there is nothing wrong with food, because Jesus later on in His ministry, was eating to the point that He was accused of eating every where, with any kind of people when Himself said: John the Baptist came not drinking or eating, you accused him being a demon possessed, now the Son of Man came eating and drinking you accused Him. So you see it is not all about eating but about pushing Jesus to disobey and start doing His own stuff because He knows that the Lord can reject you because of disobedience; the devil wanted Jesus to lose His anointing by disobeying God by doing what the Father did not tell Him to do (1 Samuel 15:22-23). That is why, later on, Jesus said I do nothing but what I see My Father do and Hebrews says He obeyed till the death, the death on the cross. So, the devil just uses the situation (hunger) of Jesus to make Him do His own stuff. He did it with Jesus and he will do it to you, he will use your situation or weakness to make you do your own stuff and disobey the Lord. There is no other sin spoken in the Bible, which made the Lord to reject or take His anointing off His servants like disobedience by doing your own stuff. Beware of this sin.

Let's see the way Jesus responded to this question. Jesus answer to this temptation is a very important secret of a successful man in the ministry according to God; I say according to God because you look successful to people, but not to God as in Rev.: 3:17-18. Look for the approval of God not of people. Jesus answered that man would not live by bread alone, by also by every word that comes from the mouth of God. That means: we do not have to live by food alone, but by every Rhema word from God. The Rhema word of God is what the Lord is saying to you particularly in a particular situation, for a particular matter. The Rhema word of God is more than just written word of God. E.g.: the Word of God tells us to pray but does not tell us when, it means you can pray whenever you want to, you are not sinning. But when the Rhema word of God comes, telling you when you have to pray, then you do not have a choice anymore you have to do exactly as the Lord spoke to you, because if we do not we fall in sin (disobedience) that's what the devil wanted Jesus to do. That's why Jesus did not do it. That is why He also said later on that He wouldn't do anything but what He would see the Father do in Heaven. If the Father does not, He does not do it. There is too much to say on this point but I can't write it all so if you would like to know more about this please contact me.

Second Temptation:

Pre-Mature Exposure (By lack of knowledge)
Matt: 4:5-7

Jesus always knew the right time to do something, He knew the period or seasons. He knew when to hide and He knew when to show up. He knew He came to die for our sins but He knew when it was not yet His time and when it would be the time. That is why when people tried to kill Him before the right time He ran away and hid, because He knew it was not time yet. The devil exposed Jesus prematurely (before time) though the thing that he spoke to Jesus is what was spoken of Him, but He knew that it was not the time and that if He dared try, the angels would not have come and He would have died because of premature exposure.
As with Jesus, this temptation traps all of us today and most people fall in it. The devil will always use the truth to lie. It has been prophesied over you what a mighty man of God you are and you say yeah, the Lord say I am a pastor or I am going to change the city, let me start.

Because you see, the devil will always use what the Lord spoke over you but he will lie and lead you to make mistakes. You can start but at the end you may compromise or might just not be effective and the devil will destroy you because you are not just on the right time; remember that the manna could fall in the wildness only where the cloud was (the presence of God). If you go before the cloud you expose yourself. It is not just because God says you are mighty or I give you the city that you have to start taking the city, because it had been prophesied over Jesus when He was still a baby that He was the Saviour of the world. Now He did not just get up and go to do it as a baby but He waited for time to mature because you see the bigger your anointing is the more you have to grow (spiritually).

Allow yourself to grow until the Father says now is the time. Your knowledge of who you are, your gifting or your studies do not allow you to do it, but it is only when the Father says, now is the time. Heb. 5:4-6
The devil will push you to tempt God. How? As he did with Jesus, by telling you to do things prematurely and expect the Lord to prove His faithfulness to His word. That is why Jesus answered the devil: you shall not tempt the Lord your God. Jesus was not telling the devil that do not tempt me like many think, but what He was saying is: as it is written, Me, Jesus, I shall not also tempt the Father. James says God cannot be tempted. Do not go in the ministry prematurely, rely on God and expect Him to be faithful to you. Hosea 4:6.

Third Temptation:

Riches and Glory.
Matt: 4:8-11

This temptation is so strong that a lot of people have fallen in it. First what we have to see is that Jesus did not argue with the devil for the fact that the devil said the kingdoms and their glory belong to him, because He knew that the devil took control when the Man lost it by sinning, and that is also why Jesus called him prince of this world. The devil knows that the heart of man longs for glory and riches. Because of the desire of people to get rich they have fallen into this temptation 1 Tim 6:3-10. The Bible says, The love of money is the root of all evil. How do you know you have the love of money? Here are two ways to know if you have the love of money. 1. Most of what you think or do are about money. 2. You do not easily give of your money.

What the devil meant by asking Jesus to bow before him and worship him is: the devil was asking Jesus to give him His soul in exchange for kingdoms and glory, that is why Jesus said later in Matt 16: 25-27: what shall a man gain if he has all the world and lose his soul, or what shall a man give in exchange of his soul. What we have to know is that when we start to go for money, everything will just be about money and we find ourselves bowing before the devil and we deny God. Like with Jesus the devil will always offer you what the Lord said is yours or it will be yours, but he will offer it to you before it is time and in his own way to take you off the road.

The devil knew Jesus is King and that He will rule over the kingdom of the earth one day, so he wanted to offer it to Him before the right time, but Jesus refused the offer because He knew it was not the time and that He was not going to get it the way the devil offered it, but the way the Father wants Him to have it. Jesus knew that as it is said in Revelations, The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of Christ and His servants. But it was not the time that the devil offered it and the way he wanted it to be. When Paul wrote to Timothy to avoid the love of the things of the earth and money (1 Tim 6:11-13) he said that Jesus made a good confession before Pilate.

What did Jesus make as a confession before Pilate? When Pilate asked Jesus if He was a king, Jesus said to him that He is the King yes, but He said, My kingdom is not of this world. He also said to the disciples you are in this world but you are not of this world and he also said the world will hate you because of me also He said if they (the world) do this to me, they (the world) will also do it to you. Jesus knows that His servants will rule but, when? The Bible says when Jesus will come again to destroy first the kingdom of satan and bind him for thousand years and then it will be His rule with His servants.

But the devil will tell you to take the kingdom now and start ruling while Jesus and His true church are still persecuted. The Bible says, whoever wants to live a godly life will suffer persecution, but you see the devil will tell you that the time for persecution is over and you can start to rule now. He sends that deceiving spirit in you and you start to go for it and you lose God by bowing to that lie. But let the Lord be our example, He did not bow to it, we do not have to bow to it either. Let the Bible be our reference, any so-called revelation against what it says, is not true.

The Bible says: Let every man be a liar, only God alone be true. Be like the Christians of Berea. There is no super preacher because the devil deceives any man who allows him to do so. Take your Bible check if it does agree with the revelation or if the revelation destroys the whole Biblical truth.
If you can over-come all these three temptations the Lord will approve you and will send His angels to serve you in keeping you.


Acknowledgement: Edward Mkwana


Prodigits username: edwardmw

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