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Worship is not just singing or praying, but all service to the Lord put together. That is why, when Abraham went to sacrifice his son, Isaac, he said, We are going to worship Gen. 22:5. Now, there is a set pattern that everyone who worship should follow; if that pattern is not respected the worship is in vain, because as in all religion there is a specific way of worship set, that people should follow if they want to worship in a way that will satisfy and be received by their gods. In the same way God has set a specific way to worship Him. We cannot just worship as we like or as we think is the best way, we must do it according to the way God says we should do it, because He knows that He is moved and that He will move only when it is done in that way.

Read: John 4: 20-24

Jesus came to restore the true worship. The Samaritan woman talked about worshipping in the mountain and not in Jerusalem. She expected Jesus to argue with her as of where it is better to worship, but Jesus did not, He wanted to show her a new way to do it, a better way. In verse 21 and 23 Jesus said to her that it is not the place, which is important, but there are two important things: Spirit and Truth.

This spirit here is not written with a capital letter as to mean the Holy Spirit, but with a small letter as to mean the condition of your spirit. Why then did Jesus say that? Jesus said it because of the people pretending; they go to Jerusalem or to the mountain to worship, but their state of spirit is not right before God. They think that only the fact of being in that place is enough. That is why Jesus said later these people worship Me with the mouth, but their hearts are far away from Me. The same is true today. We have a lot of people like that, they gossip, are jealous, do not submit, are out of authority and live just like any other unbeliever not having any Christian discipline, but thinking that only the fact that they are church goers, singing and praying in tongues make them worshippers of God. God is not interested in what you do; He sees the heart. All your life (the way you live) must be worship to God. Your songs, prayers, offerings, preaching and other things are just acts of worship. They must only be a way that we express our worship to God.

Truth: As we said previously, we cannot just worship the way we want to nor can we serve the Lord the way we want, but it must be the way He Himself would like us to worship and serve Him because our service is to Him; so it is not what you want, but what He wants. There must be a true way of worship and a false one. Every service to the Lord must be done in the way He wants it done. When it was time to build the tabernacle of God Moses received instructions from the Lord. The tabernacle of God was not just a building (tent), but also the whole pattern of the true worship (service) to God that we have today. Now, why was that tabernacle so important that all the truth we have today is all found in that tabernacle of Moses? Because Moses didn't just wake up and start building the way he would like to, but he received the pattern as how to do it from God. The Bible says when God gave him the pattern on the mountain He said to Moses, see that you make everything according to the pattern I showed you. So, the Lord is expecting us to worship as He wants and not just worship. But how shall we know the pattern? The Lord is now raising the true apostles to restore the true worship in the church today by bringing the true pattern of worship back in the church. (See my manual on The Apostolic Anointing to know more about it. The Bible says, The Lord showed His ways to Moses and His deeds to the Israelites. Stop your own things and follow the pattern.


Acknowledgement: Edward Mkwana

Prodigits username: edwardmw

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