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Restoring Godliness in Church

Oppie Koffie Wisdom

Restoring Godliness in Church

The Bible says at the last days people will be ungodly. They think to be Christians or godly, but denying its power. The spirit of the antichrist will operate in many at the last days as the Bible says, but it also says even now many antichrists have come. We can see them today by what they teach. The Bible says, Whoever wants to live a godly life will be persecuted. But the they say godliness is about ruling and being approved by the world. The Bible says that such kind of men is deprived of the truth when they teach that godliness must be a source of money or earthly riches. 1 Tim 6:5. They go everywhere teaching people only how prosperous they must be, forgetting what the purpose of the Jesus given five-fold ministries should be, as said in Eph 4:11-16.

They forget what should be the focus of the gospel that is Christ and Him crucified. That was the focus spoken by the apostle Paul and should be yours if you also think to be a servant of God. As he said also in 1 Cor 2:1-2, that he did not go to people trying to know how prosperous they were, but he wanted to know only Christ and Him crucified. But these people today who think they are better than Paul, their gospel focus on what Jesus or the first apostles did not focus on. The apostle Peter calls them false prophets and doctors; he calls them cursed and slaves of their own greed. They followed the way of Balaam but this time to curse the truth. 2 Peter 2:1-22. They are not persecuted, people like them because they do the same things the people do, but they will persecute everyone who will bring the true and pure gospel. (1 Tim 3:1-17, 2 Tim 4:1-8).

Read: Ezekiel 8:1-6

In the time of Ezekiel people thought their way of worship in the temple was the right way, nothing was wrong with what they were doing; it is the same today in the church. People do not see anything wrong with what they are doing. They say just as in the church of Laodicea; we are rich, we see and know everything, we do not need anything. The Lord wanted to show Ezekiel the truth, but how? The only way is to be taken in vision. The reason why some people cannot see it, is because they are not taken in vision. The most important thing I want us to see here is the place where the Spirit put Ezekiel first, before he sees the vision.

The Bible says the Spirit took him and put him between the heaven and the earth. That was a very strategic place for God to show Ezekiel what is done wrong in the temple. Ezekiel would think every thing was just right if he were not taken there, he would not have seen any mistakes. He was taken between heaven and earth because that is the only place he could see both places; heaven and earth. Why both of them? Because he must compare what is established in the heaven with what is done on the earth. That is the only way we can see what is wrong in the church if we can only see the heaven. (it means to see in the spirit).

We will know what the Lord wants and the way He wants it. All the people that the Lord used to restore godliness among His people are the people that the Lord took in the spirit to see the pattern and how it is supposed to be. Starting with our Lord Jesus Himself, He was first there and then He came here to reveal it. Moses who brought the whole pattern in the old testament, saw in the spirit when God gave him the ten commandments and also the pattern of the tabernacle on the mountain; telling him to do exactly as he see in the spirit. Paul who brought also a lot in the New Testament, was also taken up to the third heaven (in the spirit) to see and understand the great mystery of the salvation of God, that is why he said that it was not from men that he received it but by revelation.

God used all of them to restore godliness among His people allowing them to see what is established in the heaven (in the spirit). But not everybody received their message. People persecuted them because people do not like the truth of God, but they enjoy what they themselves say is the truth. But Paul says in 2Tim 2:19 that, nevertheless God's solid foundation stands firm It does not matter what they say or how they look like, but the Lord knows those who belong to Him. As for us, we shall stand for the Lord and speak the truth that will save the souls of people and perfect them.


Acknowledgement: Edward Mkwana

Prodigits username: edwardmw

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