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21 invocations

COME forth, Oh great spawn of the abyss and make thy presence manifest. I have set
my thoughts upon the blazing pinnacle which glows with the chosen lust of the
moments of increase and grows fervent in the turgid swell.
Send forth that messenger of voluptuous delights, and let these obscene vistas of my
dark desires take form in future deeds and doings.
From the sixth tower of Satan there shall come a sign which joineth with those saltes
within, and as such will move the body of the flesh of my summoning.
I have gathered forth my symbols and prepare my garnishings of the is to be, and the image of
my creation lurketh as a seething basilisk awaiting his release.
The vision shall become as reality and through the nourishment that my sacrifice giveth, the
angles of the first dimension shall become the substance of the third.
Go out into the void of night (light of day) and pierce that mind that respondeth with thoughts
which leadeth to paths of lewd abandon.
(Male) My rod is athrust! The penetrating force of my venom shall shatter the sanctity of
that mind which is barren of lust; and as the seed falleth, so shall its vapours be
spread within that reeling brain benumbing it to helplessness according to my
will! In the name of the great god Pan, may my secret thoughts be marshalled into
the movements of the flesh of that which I desire!
Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!
(Female) My loins are aflame! The dripping of the nectar from my eager cleft shall act as
pollen to that slumbering brain, and the mind that feels not lust shall on a sudden
reel with crazed impulse. And when my mighty surge is spent, new wanderings
shall begin; and that flesh which I desire shall come to me. In the names of the
great harlot of Babylon, and of Lilith, and of Hecate, may my lust be fulfilled!
Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!
BEHOLD! The mighty voices of my vengeance smash the stillness of the air and stand
as monoliths of wrath upon a plain of writhing serpents. I am become as a monstrous
machine of annihilation to the festering fragments of the body of he (she) who would
detain me.
It repenteth me not that my summons doth ride upon the blasting winds which multiply
the sting of my bitterness; And great black slimy shapes shall rise from brackish pits
and vomit forth their pustulence into his (her) puny brain.
I call upon the messengers of doom to slash with grim delight this victim I hath chosen. Silent
is that voiceless bird that feeds upon the brain-pulp of him (her) who hath tormented me, and
the agony of the is to be shall sustain itself in shrieks of pain, only to serve as signals of
warning to those who would resent my being.
Oh come forth in the name of Abaddon and destroy him (her) whose name I giveth as a sign.
Oh great brothers of the night, thou who makest my place of comfort, who rideth out upon the
hot winds of Hell, who dwelleth in the devil's fane; Move and appear! Present yourselves to
him (her) who sustaineth the rottenness of the mind that moves the gibbering mouth that
mocks the just and strong!; rend that gaggling tongue and close his (her) throat, Oh Kali!
Pierce his (her) lungs with the stings of scorpions, Oh Sekhmet! Plunge his (her) substance
into the dismal void, Oh mighty Dagon!
I thrust aloft the bifid barb of Hell and on its tines resplendently impaled my sacrifice through
vengeance rests!
Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!
WITH the anger of anguish and the wrath of the stifled, I pour forth my voices,
wrapped in rolling thunder, that you may hear!
Oh great lurkers in the darkness, oh guardians of the way, oh minions of the might of
Thoth! Move and appear! Present yourselves to us in your benign power, in behalf of
one who believes and is stricken with torment.
Isolate him (her) in the bulwark of your protection, for he (she) is undeserving of
anguish and desires it not.
Let that which bears against him (her) be rendered powerless and devoid of substance.
Succor him (her) through fire and water, earth and air, to regain what he (she) has lost.
Strengthen with fire the marrow of our friend and companion, our comrade of the Left-Hand
Through the power of Satan let the earth and its pleasures re-enter his (her) being.
Allow his (her) vital saltes to flow unhampered, that he (she) may savor the carnal nectars of
his (her) future desires.
Strike dumb his (her) adversary, formed or formless, that he (she) may emerge joyful and
strong from that which afflicts him (her).
Allow no misfortune to allay his (her) path, for he (she) is of us, and therefore to be cherished.
Restore him (her) to power, to joy, to unending dominion over the reverses that have beset
him (her).
Build around and within him (her) the exultant radiance that will herald his (her) emergence
from the stagnant morass which engulfs him (her).
This we command, in the name of Satan, whose mercies flourish and whose sustenance will
As Satan reigns so shall his (her) own whose name is as this sound: (name) is the vessel
whose flesh is as the earth; life everlasting, world without end!
Shemhamforash! Hail Satan

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