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22 enochian keys and languages

THE magical language used in Satanic ritual is Enochian, a language thought to be
older than Sanskrit, with a sound grammatical and syntactical bases. It resembles
Arabic in some sounds and Hebrew and Latin in others. It first appeared in print in
1659 in a biography of John Dee, the famous Sixteenth Century seer and court
astrologer. This work, by Meric Casaubon, describes the occultist Dee's activities with
his associate, Edward Kelly, in the art of scrying or crystal gazing.
Instead of the usual crystal ball, Kelly, who was the gazer, used a many-faceted
trapezohedron. The "angels" referred to in Kelly's first revelation of the Enochian Keys,
obtained through the windows of the crystal, are only "angels" because occultists to this day
have lain ill with metaphysical constipation. Now the crystal clears, and the "angels" are seen
as "angles" and the windows to the fourth dimension are thrown open - and to the frightened,
the Gates of Hell.
I have presented my translation of the following calls with an archaic but Satanically correct
unvarnishing of the translation employed by the Order of the Golden Dawn in the late
Nineteenth Century. In Enochian the meaning of the words, combined with the quality of the
words, unite to create a pattern of sound which can cause tremendous reaction in the
atmosphere. The barbaric tonal qualities of this language give it a truly magical effect which
cannot be described.
For many years the Enochian Keys, or Calls, have been shrouded in secrecy. The few
printings that have existed completely eliminate the correct wording, as the proper translation
has been disguised through the use of euphemisms, and only designed to throw the inept
magician and/or would-be inquisitor off the track. Apocryphal as they have become (and who
can tell what grim reality provokes the "fantasy"), the Enochian Calls are the Satanic paeans
of faith. Dispensing with such once-pragmatic whitewashing in terms such as "holy" and
"angelic", and arbitrarily chosen groups of numbers, the purpose of which were only to act as
substitutes for "blasphemous" words - here, then, are the TRUE Enochian Calls, as received
from an unknown hand.
The first Enochian Key represents an initial proclamation from Satan, stating the inception of
the laws of temporal theologies and of the lasting power which resides in those bold enough
to recognize earthly beginnings and absolutes.
Ol sonuf vaoresaji, gohu IAD Balata, elanusaha caelazod: sobrazod-ol Roray i ta
nazodapesad, od comemahe ta nobeloha zodien; soba tahil ginonupe pereje aladi, das
vaurebes obolehe giresam. Casarem ohorela caba Pire: das zodonurenusagi cab: erem
Iadanahe. Pilahe farezodem zodenurezoda adana gono Iadapiel das home-tohe: soba ipame lu
ipamis: das sobolo vepe zodomeda poamal, od bogira aai ta piape Piamoel od Vaoan!
Zodacare, eca, od zodameranu! odo cicale Qaa; zodoreje, lape zodiredo Noco Mada, hoathahe
I reign over thee, saith the Lord of the Earth, in power exalted above and below, in whose
hands the sun is a glittering sword and the moon a through-thrusting fire, who measureth your
garments in the midst of my vestures, and trusseth you up as the palms of my hands, and
brighten your vestments with Infernal light.
I made ye a law to govern the holy ones, and delivered a rod with wisdom supreme. You
lifted your voices and swore your allegiance to Him that liveth triumphant, whose beginning
is not, nor end cannot be, which shineth as a flame in the midst of your palaces, and reigneth
amongst you as the balance of life!
Move therefore, and appear! Open the mysteries of your creation! Be friendly unto me, for I
am the same! - the true worshipper of the highest and ineffable King of Hell!
In order to pay homage to the very lusts which sustain the continuance of life, itself, The
Second Enochian Key extends this recognition of our earthly heritage unto a talisman of
Adagita vau-pa-ahe zodonugonu fa-a-ipe salada! Vi-i-vau el! Sobame ial-pereji i-zodazodazod
pi-adapehe casarema aberameji ta ta-labo paracaleda qo-ta lores-el-qo turebesa ooge
balatohe! Giui cahisa lusada oreri od micalapape cahisa bia ozodonugonu! lape noanu tarofe
coresa tage o-quo maninu IA-I-DON. Torezodu! gohe-el, zodacare eca ca-no-quoda!
zodameranu micalazodo od ozadazodame vaurelar; lape zodir IOIAD!
Can the wings of the winds hear your voices of wonder?; O you!, the great spawn of the
worms of the Earth!, whom the Hell fire frames in the depth of my jaws!, whom I have
prepared as cups for a wedding or as flowers regaling the chambers of lust!
Stronger are your feet than the barren stone! Mightier are your voices than the manifold
winds! For you are become as a building such as is not, save in the mind of the All-Powerful
manifestation of Satan!
Arise!, saith the First! Move therefore unto his servants! Show yourselves in power, and make
me a strong seer-of-things, for I am of Him that liveth forever!
The Third Enochian Key establishes the leadership of the earth upon the hands of those great
Satanic magicians who throughout the successive ages have held dominion over the peoples
of the world.
Micama! goho Pe-IAD! zodir com-selahe azodien biabe os-lon-dohe. Norezodacahisa otahila
Gigipahe; vaunid-el-cahisa ta-pu-ime qo-mos-pelehe telocahe; qui-i-inu toltoregi cahisa i
cahisaji em ozodien; dasata beregida od torezodul! Ili e-Ol balazodareji, od aala tahilanu-os
netaabe: daluga vaomesareji elonusa cape-mi-ali varoesa cala homila; cocasabe fafenu
izodizodope, od miinoagi de ginetaabe: vaunu na-na-e-el: panupire malapireji caosaji. Pilada
noanu vaunalahe balata od-vaoan. Do-o-i-ape mada: goholore, gohus, amiranu! Micama!
Yehusozod ca-ca-com, od do-o-a-inu noari micaolazoda a-ai-om. Casarameji gohia:
Zodacare! Vaunigilaji! od im-ua-mar pugo pelapeli Ananael Qo-a-an.
Behold!, saith Satan, I am a circle on whose hands stand the Twelve Kingdoms. Six are the
seats of living breath, the rest are as sharp as sickles, or the Horns of Death. Therein the
creatures of Earth are and are not, except in mine own hands which sleep and shall rise!
In the first I made ye stewards and placed ye in the Twelve seats of government, giving unto
every one of you power successively over the Nine true ages of time, so that from the highest
vessels and the corners of your governments you might work my power, pouring down the
fires of life and increase continually on the Earth. Thus you are become the skirts of justice
and truth. In Satan's name, rise up! Show yourselves! Behold!, his mercies flourish, and his
name is become mighty among us. In whom we say: Move!, Ascend!, and apply yourselves
unto us as the partakers of His secret wisdom in your creation!
The Fourth Enochian Key refers to the cycling of the ages of time.
Otahil elasadi babaje, od dorepaha gohol: gi-cahisaje auauago coremepe peda, dasonuf vivau-
di-vau? Casaremi oeli meapeme sobame agi coremepo carep-el: casaremeji caro-o-dazodi
cahisa od vaugeji; dasata ca-pi-mali cahisa ca-pi-ma-on: od elonusahinu cahisa ta el-o calaa.
Torezodu nor-quasahi od fe-caosaga: Bagile zodir e-na-IAD: das iod apila! Do-o-a-ipe quo-AAL,
zodacare! Zodameranu obelisonugi resat-el aaf nor-mo-lapi!
I have set my feet in the South, and have looked about me, saying: Are not the thunders of
increase those which reign in the second angle?
Under whom I have placed those whom none hath yet numbered, but One; in whom the
second beginnings of things are and wax strong, successively adding the numbers of time, and
their powers doth stand as the first of the nine!
Arise!, you sons of pleasure, and visit the Earth; for I am the Lord, your God, which is and
liveth forever!
In the name of Satan, Move!, and show yourselves as pleasant deliverers, that you may praise
Him among the sons of men!
The Fifth Enochian Key affirms the Satanic placing of traditional priests and wizards upon the
earth for the purpose of misdirection.
Sapahe zodimii du-i-be, od noasa ta qu-a-nis, adarocahe dorepehal caosagi od faonutas
peripesol ta-be-liore. Casareme A-me-ipezodi na-zodaretahe afa; od dalugare zodizodope
zodelida caosaji tol-toregi; od zod-cahisa esiasacahe El ta-vi-vau; od iao-d tahilada das hubare
pe-o-al; soba coremefa cahisa ta Ela Vaulasa od Quo-Co-Casabe. Eca niisa od darebesa quoa-
asa: fetahe-ar-ezodi od beliora: ia-ial eda-nasa cicalesa; bagile Ge-iad I-el!
The mighty sounds have entered into the third angle and are become as seedlings of folly,
smiling with contempt upon the Earth, and dwelling in the brightness of the Heaven as
continual comforters to the destroyers of self.
Unto whom I fastened the pillars of gladness, the lords of the righteous, and gave them
vessels to water the earth with her creatures. They are the brothers of the First and the Second,
and the beginning of their own seats which are garnished with myriad ever-burning lamps,
whose numbers are as the First, the ends, and the contents of time!
Therefore, come ye and obey your creation. Visit us in peace and comfort. Conclude us
receivers of your mysteries; for why? Our Lord and Master is the All-One!
The Sixth Enochian Key establishes the structure and form of that which has become the
Order of the Trapezoid and Church of Satan.
Gahe sa-div cahisa em, micalazoda Pil-zodinu, sobam El haraji mir babalonu od obeloce
samevelaji, dalagare malapereji ar-caosaji od acame canale, sobola zodare fa-beliareda caosaji
od cahisa aneta-na miame ta Viv od Da. Daresare Sol-petahe-bienu. Be-ri-ta od zodacame jimi-
calazodo: sob-ha-atahe tarianu luia-he od ecarinu MADA Qu-a-a-on!
The spirits of the fourth angle are Nine, mighty in the trapezoid, whom the first hath formed, a
torment to the wretched and a garland to the wicked; giving unto them fiery darts to vanne the
earth, and Nine continual workmen whose courses visit with comfort the Earth, and are in
government and continuance as the Second and Third.
Therefore, harken unto my voice! I have talked of you, and I move you in power and
presence, whose works shall be a song of honor, and the praise of your God in your creation!
The Seventh Enochian Key is used to invoke lust, pay homage to glamor, and rejoice in the
delights of the flesh.
Ra-asa isalamanu para-di-zoda oe-cari-mi aao iala-pire-gahe Qui-inu. Enai butamonu od
inoasa ni pa-ra-diala. Casaremeji ujeare cahirelanu, od zodonace lucifatianu, caresa ta vavalezodirenu
tol-hami. Soba lonudohe od nuame cahisa ta Da o Desa vo-me-dea od pi-beliare
itahila rita od miame ca-ni-quola rita! Zodacare! Zodameranu! Iecarimi Quo-a-dahe od Imica-
ol-zododa aaiome. Bajirele papenore idalugama elonusahi-od umapelifa vau-ge-ji Bijil -
The East is a house of harlots singing praises among the flames of the first glory wherein the
Dark Lord hath ...
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