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Date:14/10.06 Time:21:23
*Uploaded some photos to 'H.I.M gig' Page
*Added '15 Phrases that are like soooo over!' Page.
*Added ''How to lose your job in 10 days' Page.
Date:10/10/06 Time:15:19
*Changed main page image
*Added 'Wow, It's been a while!' Please read it explains the lack of update!
*Added new photos to my photo gallery!
*Updated my profile
*Changed a few more pictures on pages
*Thinking up some new content!!!
Date:20/3/06 Time:3:03am
*Deleted 'Happy new year' page, 'support forum' page and my 'journal' page
*General clean up so i can add new stuff :)
Date:14/1/06 Time: 23:16pm
*Added more pics of me to my other photo site!
*Reordered more pages here
*Deleted a few older pages
*Getting some ideas together for some new content!
Date: 29/12/05 Time: 01:10am
*Added a NEW photoalbum -
*Changed more pics
*Happy new year page
*Re-ordered some pages
Date: 17/12/05 Time: 2:39pm
* Added a guestbook for visitors who have no o2 login
*Changed some pics on pages
*Added a christmas page
Date:2/11/05 Time:00:40
*Added more photos to 'Photos of me' eeh!
Date:31/10/05 Time:14:55
*Changed pic of front page
Date:12/10/05 Time:14:28
*Changed top albums and updated to Octobers playlist
*Created a Journal page
Date:11/10/05 Time:23:29
*Added a page for Poppy
*Added links to
Date:8/10/05 Time: 01:33am
*A couple of new photos of me!
*Finally added info to the 'Nokia Codes' page
*Also added 'Motorola Codes' page
**New Reads/Fun pages:
*Catholic Son
*Only In America
*Funny Quotes
*Thinking of you?
*If men got pregnant!
Date:7/10/05 Time:2:30am
*Updated and added new links @
*Added more front page links
*Mental health support forum link added
Date:6/10/05 Time:12:45pm
*Added poll page!
*New and improved profile page! Goto 'About the girl' and take a look!
*Added 3 new front page links
Date:2/10/05 Time:03:27
*Top 20 Oxymor0ns page
*The Images of mother
*12 ways to be annoying
*Packaging Mistakes?
Enjoy ^-^
Date:29/9/05 Time:14:45
*General Clean up and update
*Changing some pics
*Is to tired to do much else lol
Date:7/8/05 Time:19:13
*Added new pics to some pages
*Updated still in hospital page
Date:31/7/05 Time:14:00
*Added new pics to 'My Photos' and deleted older ones.
*Added loads of new links to my other page
Date: 20/7/05 Time: 15:27pm
*Transfering all ´friends/mywap´ links from main site to http://sarahs
*Added a new front page link
Date: 15/7/05 Time: 23:58
*Changed and added links to
*Updated and added to
Date: 13/7/05 Time: 11:10pm
*Added 7 new links to ´friends/mywap links´
*Updated and added to my ´gothic subculture´ mini site
*Edited ´its been a while´ page
Date: 8/7/05 Time: 23:48
*Added ´It´s been a while´page! Please read!
*Updated main page image
*7000+ Pageviews!
Date:12/5/05 Time: 21:30
*Added Horroscopes page!
*Changed ´wap links´ to ´friends links´
Date:11/5/05 Time:22:40
*Added new links to ´sarahs wap links´
*Added new images to some pages
Date:7/5/05 Time:23:55
*Added ´want more hits?´ page
*updating images on some pages
*Added some new links to ´wap links´
*Added ´sarahs wap links´ page
Date:7/5/05 Time:01:24
*Added more pics to ´Hawt dudes´ page
*Added new pic to front page
Date:5/5/05 Time:03:47
*Added ´2000+ hits´ page
*Added ´beliefs - ana´s beliefs´ page
*Adding some new pics of me to ´my pics´
Date:21/4/05 Time:22.21
*Added ´1000+ Hits´ Page!
*Added ´hawt dudes´ Page
*Adjusted Layout of front page
Date:20/4/05 Time:20.48
*Added wap links and www links
*Almost completed my info page [InfoForU hosted by as o2 suck and would delete it lol]
*Changed pics on some of the pages.

Date:19/4/05 Time:22.38
*Added more new pages
*My pics
*Changed the title of try and understand page
[Im currently working on content for this page!]
More to come! <3

Date:18/4/05 Time:23.09
*Added new pages to site.
*Updated front page links section
*Added my poems
Date: 20/7/05 Time: 22:32

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