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<[*]> Im gettin a kak l0ad 0f emailz b0ut/f0r j0rdz,well here day r~>
<[1]> Lmbmmsp! J0rdan dltd mxit nd wat wat? But nobody knows why. I BELIEVE that jords dltd mxit cos mensa made her life super kak! they all acted like her friendz but they wasnt worth jack shit! And i know 4ra fact jords neva met shane, he then wanted 2 meet her that day when he went 2 belville but she said no! So whose making whose name kak?
<[2]> i would like to inform u bout the following... Jordan is nothing but a wannabe jin2. We all know shes hot but we all dont envy her! Jordan is a self obsessed bitch! She always wanted 2be the best in everything and im glad she got op ha moer! Jordan deserves nothing but a poes pakslae 2 bring her back 2earth!
L0l! I n0gal agre wif sum 0f dis email. J0rdz iz self 0bsesd but i fink dat resent happeningz iz g0na change ha 4da best. Alex left ha 4 melany~> wich sh0wz dat lukz aint evwyfin,pers0nality iz m0re imp0rtant. N i fink j0rdz realisez dat nw. I h0pe ***
<[3]> wtf! Jordan has alota skandala u dnt know about... Remember the time joelene trained her, i heard jordan stole her lines? Is that true or false? Remember the time jordan was in the bastards, i wonda who trained her cos suddenly she ritered from battling? Lmao i pity ppl like jordan mxit is a much beta place without her!
<[4]> i got a lieke story vi jo exe. U mos know hoergat jords is wie terug and now shes dating alex aka sniper cwar. wtf we thought she and chris was bymekaa. Kyk net hoe liegie vuil hoer. Scandal whats wrong with u y havnt u got anything on jords on ur syt. We think u must ma gou out and take her down. The vuil hoer must kom trug earth toe.
Lma0 diz iz kinda 0ld c0z alex dumped j0rdz 4 melany l0l! Wata l0w bl0w 2 j0rdanz huge eg0 2 b dumpd 4ra uglyer kin hehehehehe!* n i dnt g0t much 0n j0rdz c0s c's ma fwend. I knw c's kak rude at tymz but c's a nyc pers0n, js l8ly c's bn a bitch c0z mense bn k4k 2wardz ha
<[5]> aweha scandal. I got lekatjies info bout jords. jordz is back on dkm now. I dnt believe the kak she is smaaking everybody. Ha ah i see u cover for ha on u site. Nw let me tell u a few stories. Jordan aka brace face used to stay in jhb, but got sent away 2live ini kaap. She was a drug kop and used 2speel wit da hoere in hillbrow. She used 2vikoop ha lyf jst 2 get drugs. Nothing else but drugs and now she lives in ct and still using drugs. She was booked into hospital 4 depression but y?....?
.....cos she was bein over sexual active on her drug days and it affected her mind. Plz sit this on ur site ppl moet wiet wie di regte jordan is. Sy lieg en bedrieg amil en vitel soeveel kak stories
Lmfp0!* iz diz true? Wel true 0r nt itz stil k4k funy!
<[6]> awe awe ms scandal0us! Thanx 4 a wondafull site. As u may know jordz is bak on mxit! U should put her pic on the gorgues gallery cos shes hot!
L0l diz email ab0ve iz da 1st email i g0t sayin j0rdz iz bak. Lukz lyk c sent it wekekeke!* aai die kint is kak vain ma ja c haz it s0 c can ma flaunt it (G)

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