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5th Match

We go back to the coliseum with the ring ropes covered in chains, and the pole set up in the corner now,
Talon already in the ring handing his belt to the ref.

“We will never die alone! Juggalos will carry on! Swing our hatches if we must! Each and every one of us!”

Chance walks out onto the ramp with black and red hatchet man hoodie with loose jeans dressing for the match
in street clothes.

Z”Here is the challenger! And we've seen him in violent matches before. A scaffold match, a ladder match, and
other environments.”

N”A former member of Darkness if you remember...”

Chance Hardy enters the ring, surrounded by the chain covered ropes. Talon takes the mic from Brian and puts
it to his mouth.

“Whoa! Whoa! Hold on! I don't want to be in this sorta match right now.”

The fans start booing at T$T.

“It would be way to damn easy!”

Jeers grow louder and Chance gets a pissed look but the ref holding him back.

“How about actually giving this Jugga-Joke a normal wrestling match for once!”

The fans yelling to Chance to say no. Chance goes up to Talon, taking the Mic forcefully from his hand.

“Do you fans want to see me in this wrestling match?”
The fans boo at the question, Chance shaking his head then smiling, then pointing at Talon,

“Or do you want me to kick his fucking ass?!”

The fans cheer loudly but T$T now pissed charges at Chance who has his back turned with fore arms. Now
backing Chance into the ropes, Talon lifts him up, chest first into the top chained rope! Hardy falling back
holding his chest, boos ringing around the coliseum. Talon starts stomping on the chest holding on to the
ropes. Talon drags Chance on to the bottom rope, T$T choking him with the rope. No disqualification so he can
do it freely. Talon finally lets go to show boat and mock the fans, turns around, dropkick sending
Chance under the bottom rope to the floor outside. Talon following outside, looks under the apron taking out a
steel chair from under the ring. Chance rising slowly, T$T swings the chair! Chance ducks and the chair connects
with the apron! Chance buying time, clothesline! Down goes Talon. Chance taking the chair, “WHACK!” chair to
the back! “WHACK!” He does it again! Chance unfolds the chair and sets it up. He climbs the chair, Leg Drop to
the Hardcore champion! Chance raises him, throws him in the ring. Hook of the leg, One! Two! Kick out! Chance
shakes his head but stands, heading for the pole. He climbs the ropes, reaching for the chain, off the top
with what looks like a Tazzmission Suplex! The Juggalo almost bending in half! Talon quickly covers, One! Two!
Shoulder up! The Darkness man stands up, a stomp to the chest, then the stomach! The Hardcore Champion taking
off part of the chain off the top rope. Whips the chain to The JWO man's stomach! Then again! Chance turns over
on his stomach, Whip connects with the back! Then a second time again! Talon mounts Hardy, wraps the chain around
the neck, Talon starting to choke the challenger! Boos starting up. Chance already spitting, trying to catch a
breath. Talon smirking, thinking its already over for Chance, his hand is lifted by the rope, it goes back
down. Then up and down for the second time! Here comes the third! No! Its kept up! The Hardcore champion
looking pissed, lets go of the choke and starts whipping Chance's back again. The champion not stopping either
but surprisingly fighting the pain, standing to his feet. Talon kick to the stomach! Chance hunches over, huge
whip across the back! Talon front face lock, DDT! Hook of the leg! One! Two! Thr-No! The Darkness man slamming
his hands on the canvas in frustration but gets over his anger quickly, climbing the rope to the pole with the
chain. Stands on the top turnbuckle taking the chain down. Chance meeting him up there. Talon not turning...
A Reverse Twist of Fate off the top rope! Both crashing back first into the canvas! The fans cheering loudly
at the move. But neither man getting up. Chance rolls over for the cover. One! Two! Thre-Kick out! Chance standing
now looking pumped. Signaling for a leg drop! Chance climbs up to the second rope. Ready to leap he raises
his arm “WOOT! WOOT!” being received from the fans. Jumps- Talon standing quickly, chain still in his hand!
Straight punch to the groin! Fans now jeering this cheap action. Chance holding his injured groin, miraculously
still standing. Talon dropping the chain, grabs Chance by the collar, holding him up “You just died bitch!” Talon
spitting at Chance before turning him around,
One! Two! Three! Talon wins it!
Talon stands up smirking, raising his arm as he is handed the Hardcore belt. Chance being checked on by ringside
staff. Talon climbs the top rope holding aloft his belt Boos coming from the fans. The Boos quickly evolve to
Cheers when the lights go off. The screen starting to read


The lights go back on with Blade standing behind Talon.

Z”Its Blade! Its Blade! My gawd! The first CBW Champion!”
N”Don't turn around Talon! Do not turn around!”

T$T is tapped on the shoulder, and quickly spins around. Kick to the stomach, Talon hunches over and is lifted
in the air...


Fans standing on their feet for Blade as he bends over to grab the Hardcore belt then stands over T$T, holding
the belt over his head.

Z”You know what that means Nick? He is back! And he wants the Hardcore Title!”

N”This is awful! What makes Blade think he can just come back and do this to a champion!”

We fade seeing Blade lay the belt over Talon then leaving the ring.

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