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7th match

Z”well folks its time for our Texas Tornado tag team tables match!”

N”So the five T's?”

Zane ignores Nick's irrelevent question and continues

“The Machine will not be out here for the match though folks. Instead Chris Divine will be going at it alone
unless we are told that another partner has been chosen to team with Divine, If he decides to take part of this
match he can. But who knows exept the mystery partner!"

N”Have you seen Blue and Doug? It seriously cant be that hard!”

The camera turns back on the ring from the announcer's desk to the ring where Blue Lightning and Doug Cornette
are in the ring. Chris Divine's theme hits the coliseum as he pops up on stage.

Z”Do you think he might be worried about this?”

N “Do I have to repeat my self? Doug and Lightning are not a threat!”

Chris enters the ring, both Blue and Doug go on the attack! Both ambushing Chris with fists and forearms! Both
off the opposite side of the ropes! They come back- Down they go with a double clothesline! Divine lifts Doug-German Suplex!
Blue up, also a German Suplex! Both men laid out, Chris Divine points out to the entrance ramp, The lights go
out as Always Hardcore starts to play on the speakers. The fans exploding with cheers.

Z”It is the return of Blade!”

Blade walks out on stage, the lights going back up.

N”There he is! Damn it Zane can you believe it! Our original CBW champion is here!”

Blade gets in the ring, Chris Divine lifts up Doug and Blade lifts up Blue Lightning, double head smash! Blade
starts stomping on Doug Cornette, Chris Divine doing the same with Blue. Chris lifting Lightning up to his feet
, Low Blow from Blue! Divine folds over, falls on his knees holding his crouch. Blade turns around, goes for
Lightning but goes face first into the canvas with a drop toe hold! Blue quickly stomping down on Blade then
sees Doug rising. Lightning raises Blade by the hair, and holds him up as Doug dropkicks him in the face. Divine
is still laid out near the ropes, Doug, and Lightning bounce off the ropes, Double baseball slide! Divine through
the bottom rope to the outside! The heels turn around, Blade already up, Double Clothesline over the top! All
three men going outside of the ring! Blade landing on his feet, the other two men down. Blade turns and lifts
the apron. Takes out a table to a huge pop of the crowd! He sets it up, and turns. Doug Cornette already up on
his feet, hitting right after right to Blade's face. Blade almost falling back on the table but then blocks a
right! Hits one of his own! Then a second right! A clothesline over the steel Barricade! Fans not wanting to
be even close to Doug. Blade lifts Blue Lightning up on his feet. Sets his head, lifts him in the air! Ready
to plant him with the Operation Power Bomb! But Blue with something in his hand, “THUD!” Blade falling back
with Blue smirking. The fans booing as Lightning shows the item in his hand.

Z“Brass knuckles?! He just hit Blade with Brass knuckles!”

N”I can't blame him! He was about to be OPB'd through a table!”

Blue lightning mounting on The Former CBW Champion, “Thud!” another Brass knuckle shot! Goes for a second,
“WHACK!” A chair shot right to the back from Divine! Drops the chair behind Lightning, Implant DDT on the chair!
Divine standing on his feet. Takes a chair from under apron from under. “WHACK!” A chair shot to the stomach!
He lifts up Blue Lightning, and throws him in the ring, with a chair in hand. Blue Lightning backing up holding
his stomach, Divine ready to strike again with the chair., “WHACK!” Chair shot to the back of Divine from Doug!
Divine letting go the chair hunching over on his knees. Blue Lightning takes the dropped chair “WHACK!” A chair
shot to his back! Divine now laid out on the floor. Doug going outside taking the table, folding it, slides it
in the ring. Blue Lightning setting it up in the ring. Doug taking the chair as Blue lifts Chris up, “WHACK!”
Chair shot over the head! Divine lifted again on his feet, Both Doug and Blue have him set up for a double vertical
Suplex on the table. Fans booing the action. Divine up in the air-Reversed! Double DDT both heads hitting a chair!
Divine busted open from the head, rising again. Lifts Blue by the hair, DIVINE CUTTER! The Divine cutter on the
chair! He lifts up Doug, goes for the cutter again-No! Doug pushes him away, Divine's stomach going first onto
the edge of the table, then falls back! Doug lays Chris across the table, then heads up to the top turnbuckle.
Jumps off- Blade with a crimson mask in from no where with his hand catching Doug's throat as he comes from the
top! CHOKESLAM! Turns around as Blue Lightning stands up, kick to the stomach, Blue hunches over, Blade sets his
head in between his legs. He looks over at the camera, “Talon! This is you!” then he raises Blue Lightning in
the air! Divine rolling off the table as he knows whats coming! OPERATION POWER BOMB! Right through the Table!
Blade and Chris Divine win it! Always Hardcore starts to play in the Coliseum as the fans let out a huge pop.
Blade moving his hands across his waist,

Z”His second message to Talon! He is coming for the Hardcore Title! “

N”Well I don't think Divine's message to Doug is over!”

Divine gets on his knees, blood trickling down his face, he hunches over to speak to an unconscious Doug,
being passed a Mic from Blade.

“I will not sleep! I will not eat! Until I get my retribution! on one... Falls count anywhere!”

The fans give a huge pop for that now as Blade helps Divine his feet and they leave the ring as EMT s come running
down the ramp passing them both.

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