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Sonic the Hedgehog 16-bit Version

Compiled and written by Jared "Green Gibbon!" Matte( Hosting provid

-- Story --
South Island: a veritable treasure trove of ancient ruins and jewels. Somewhere on the island sleep the six Chaos Emeralds, which hold legendary power. The Emeralds distribute energy to all things, and enable the advancement of technology. Unfortunately, there are those who would use that power for their own evil designs. Dr. Eggman, a brilliant scientist, dreams of world domination and the destruction of his long-time nemesis. Eggman intends to use the Chaos Emeralds to help him achieve his goals, and so he establishes a massive base on South Island. He´s turning the hapless residents into robot slaves, and is tearing the island apart in search of the Emeralds.
It happens that a certain speedy blue hedgehog has gotten wind of the turmoil on South Island, and has rushed to the scene to save his friends, Flicky, Pocky, Pecky, Ricky, Cucky, Picky, and Rocky. The island is a disaster, but there is still one hope: what Eggman doesn´t realize is that the Chaos Emeralds exist within a torsion caused by the movement of South Island, and can´t be found on the surface. If this heroic hedgehog can grab the jewels before Eggman, his game will be up. And so the stage is set for another confrontation between Dr. Eggman and his arch enemy: Sonic the Hedgehog!
-- Gameplay Info --
"Don´t just sit there and waste your precious time. When you want to do something, do it right away. Do it when you can. It´s the only way to live a life without regrets." And so gamers were introduced to Sega´s blue bid at console domination with this snippet of unsolicited advice.
The object, simply, is to reach the end of each stage within the ten minute time limit. Sonic can run left or right, gaining speed as the D-pad is held down. Enemy robots litter the stages, and can be taken out with a Kaiten Jump (literally, "rotating jump"). The spin attack has two forms: the rolling attack and the jumping attack. The jumping spin is performed by simply pressing A, B, or C -- Sonic will remain in his curled attack position until landing back on the ground. The duration of the jump varies based on how long the button is held down. The rolling spin is performed by pressing down on the D-pad while Sonic is moving -- the speed and duration of the rolling spin are determined by the speed Sonic is travelling when you perform the attack or by the terrain (rolling downhill will cause you to gain speed while you won´t get too far at all attempting to roll uphill).
Sonic´s life energy comes in the form of what is unquestionably the series´ most showcased trademark: Rings. Rather than a typical life bar, Sonic´s health is reliant on Rings. Rings are scattered all over the place around each level: some in formations and some can be obtained from Item Boxes. If you see ´em, grab ´em. If you take damage with Rings on-hand, you will not lose a life, but you´ll lose all the Rings you´ve collected. A few of them will scatter in the immediate vicinity, and can be grabbed back if you´re quick. Take damage with no Rings on hand, and Sonic loses a life. (Rings will not protect Sonic from getting smashed or falling off the screen, both of which result in instant death.) Hang on to as many as you can, because points are given for every Ring you have at the end of each Act, and if you´ve got at least 50, you´ll be able to access the Special Stage. Additionally, a 1up is earned for every 100 Rings collected.
At the top-left corner of the screen, a small menu records your current score, the time you´ve spent in that Act, and the number of lives you have remaining. Sonic starts the game with 3 lives, but more can be obtained by popping open 1up Item Boxes or collecting 100 Rings. Continues (each containing a full set of 3 lives) can be obtained by collecting 50 Rings in a Special Stage. The score has no bearing on the game itself, and is basically only good for bragging rights. The best way to attain poinas no bearing on the game itself, and is basically only good for bragging rights. The best way to attain points is to defeat enemies: a single enemy is worth 100 points, but the bonus is multiplied for each bot you take down in a single spin. 100 for a single enemy, 200 for two, 500 for three, and 1000 points for each one thereafter.
(The same bonus can be earned by busting through the gray blocks in the Marble Zone.) Each boss is worth 1000 points, and bonuses are tallied up at the end of each Act based on how many Rings you´re holding and how much time is left on the countdown. Additionally, bump into Bobbins in Spring Yard for 10 points a smack.
In addition to enemies and Rings, there are a few other obstacles and goodies you´ll encounter on your journey through South Island. Here´s a list of the most common:

Ring -- As explained above, as long as Sonic has some of these, he won´t lose a life if he takes damage. You get an extra life for every 100 you collect, and each one is worth 100 points at the end-of-level bonus.
Item Box -- In each stage, you´ll find a number of these power-up bearing monitors. Pop them open with a spin to procure one of five power-ups: Big 10 Ring (worth 10 Rings), Barrier (absorbs one hit), High Speed (temporary speed increase), Muteki (temporary invincibility), and 1up (gives you an extra chance).

Sai Start Marker -- These hold your place in a stage: should you lose a life, you´ll start back at the last Start Marker you crossed.

Bobbin -- Round bumpers found only in Spring Yard Zone and the Special Stages. Bounce off one for 10 points, up to 10 times for a total of 100 points. (They stop dispensing points after the tenth hit.)

spring -- Leap onto the broad side to catapult Sonic into the air. The yellow ones send him flying a short distance, and the more powerful red ones send him farther.
spikes -- Don´t touch the pointy side, stupid. They´re usually found in sets of three, but that´s not a steadfast rule. Sometimes they´re just lying out in the open, and sometimes they pop in and out of the ground (or the ceiling, or the walls).

button -- Jump on the button to cause a change in the nearby scenery, usually necessary to proceed.

bonus plate -- These signs can be found at the end of each first and second Act. Cross them to end the stage.

capsule -- These are found at the end of each third Act, after facing the boss. Push the button on top to destroy the machine and free the helpless animals within.

Special Stage ring -- These giant Rings only appear above bonus plates when you cross them with at least 50 Rings on-hand. Jump in to warp to the Special Stage.
bonus points -- As you approach the bonus plate at the end of an Act, leap into the air to find invisible bonus points that are added to your score. They can be worth 100, 1000, or a sweet 10,000.

Eggman seems to favor themes from the natural world in his robot designs, but petting these mechanical critters is not recommended. Spin through a bot to destroy the machine and set its furry prisoner free, and also to score 100 points. Here´s a list of what you´ll encounter:

Motora -- Beetle bots that simply roll back and forth over a small area.

Biiton -- Wasp bots that fly across from the right side of the screen, pausing once to fire a large flashing projectile downward.
Bata-bata -- Piranha bots that leap in a vertical path from bridges. ("Bata-bata" is Japanese onomatopoeia for a clattering noise.)

Gani-gani -- Crab bots that move back and forth over a small area. Every once in a bit they pause to fire flashing projectiles in either direction. ("Gani" is a suffix used to identify certain species of crab.)

Meleon -- These chameleon bots hang out on the side of cliffs and are invisible until approached. They come in two flavors: the blue ones transform into missiles and fire themselves along the ground. The green ones make themselves visible just long enough to fire a large flashing projectile at Sonic.

Naaru -- Caterpillar bots that move back and forth over a small area. Make sure to attack them on their spherical noggins: hit them anywhere else and not only will you take damage, but their four segments will scatter and bounce around the area.
Basaran -- Bat bots that hang out on the ceilings until Sonic shows his face, at which point they drop down and fly horizontally for a short distance before returning to their roost.
Arma -- Armadillo bots that typically appear from the left side of the screen down long declines. They roll faster than Sonic runs, so unless your reflexes are sharp they´ll mow you down. At the bottom of the hill, they stop and briefly open up... this is the only chance to attack.
Yadorin -- Snail bots that basically act like Motora. The catch is that they´ve got spikes right on top, so the only way to take them out is to roll into ´em. ("Yadori" is Japanese for shelter, which probably refers to Yadorin´s shell.)
Mogurin -- Mole bots that leap from the ground and then simply troll back and forth over a small area. Their drill bit noses give them away. (The name is a pun. "Mogura" is Japanese for mole while "moguri" means to dive.)
Puku-puku -- Piranha bots that troll around underwater. ("Puku-puku" is Japanese onomatopoeia for a bubbling noise.)

Unidus -- Simple, pissy-looking sphere bots that move back and forth very slowly. The catch is that they´re orbited by four spiked balls, making them virtually impossible to hit until after they´ve spotted you. Once he´s laid eyes on Sonic, Unidus loses his cool and fires off the spiked balls in rapid succession. It´s a dangerous assault, but once it´s done, Unidus is completely open to attack. ("Uni" is Japanese for sea urchin.)

Bomb -- Mindless kamikaze bomb bots that walk back and forth over a short plane, either on the ground or ceiling. As soon as Sonic approaches, they stop moving and start flashing: after a few seconds, they explode into a small shower of flashing projectiles. They can´t be damaged, only avoided.
Uni-uni -- These guys, palette aside, look exactly like Unidus. They´re a bit more cool-headed, though, and won´t fire off their barrier of maces. While this means you don´t have that tricky attack to avoid, they´re virtually impossible to hit.

Ton-ton -- Pig bots that hang around at the top of inclines. They just hop in place and roll flashing balls down the hill. ("Ton" is a prefix used to identify several Japanese pork dishes.)
The game consists of six Zones, each with three Acts. At the end of the third Act, you´ll face that Zone´s boss: Eggman in one of his sadistic machines. After all six Zones have been completed, you face the final boss. No matter what form he takes, Eggman will invariably be defeated in eight hits.

Green Hill Zone -- Sonic´s first steps into the tropics introduce the visual staples that remain trademarks of the series to this day: checkered hillsides, palmtrees, loop-de-loops, etc. Overhanging ledges crumble as you stand on them, so don´t stick around unless you´re looking for a quick trip down. Rotating logs are adorned with a spiral of spikes, so time your movement accordingly. The enemies you´ll encounter ...
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