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100,000 b.c. neanderthals came to the land and live in the Shanidar caves of the Zagros mt. 9000b.c. people had settle in the northern area and raised dogs sheep and goats. Stone houses were built. 7500b.c. People start to move south and start to make pottery, live in mud brick houses, and irrigate the land
6000b.c. The northern people start to build walls around the villages of Ashur and Nineveh. the ubaid people move to south near the mouth of the Euphrates river and build al ubaid. 5000b.c. The ubaid people start to build temples, pottery, irragate the land, use leather, stone and copper tools. 4000b.c. The sumerians move to the ubaid area and build the villages of eridu, ur, uruk (ereck). 3300b.c. Sumerians of uruk create cuneiform writing and no mention of the ubaid people. 3000 b.c. The sumerians now build ziggurats (step pyramids) as thier temples. They have schools bronze weapons and tools. They are trading with middle east, anatolia, egypt, indus valley.
539 b. c. Mesopotamia is taken over by Persia.

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