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(new) Maybe ...

... Just maybe

By Vincent Kalane

Maybe, as many assume, heaven is not real, and GOD does not exist, there are no Angels, no demons, nobody else in the whole univers except us. If that is so, then all our preaching and profession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour are in vain. And we could as well have lived our lives free from fear of condemnation.
1 Cor 15:14 says, ''If Christ is not risen, then our preaching is empty, and our faith is also empty.'' maybe when we die we die, and it is done. No life after death, and no judgement, nothing at all. No remembering of the past life, no visions, no voices, no sensetions but pure nothing. If there is nothing indeed. Then it is niether wrong nor right to sleep arround with everyone we come across.
There is no pursose and importance of morality, one can only save that he/she stay alive and healthy to enjoy a much longer life and avoid illnesses that come with as a result, live responssible as far as one's personal principles allow, eat and drink, get merry and do anything to fulfill all our heart's desires.

BUT. . . .what if there is GOD?

What if there are Angels?
What if there is heaven? And hell?
Heaven for those who lived their lives in fear and reverence of GOD, and hell for those who knew Him, who got preached to, yet never lived for Him, who rather lived in drunkeness, in adultory, fornication, pride, selfishness, slandering, whichcraft, uncleaness, and all sorts of immoral activities.

If GOD exists, Heaven is real, JESUS is Lord, and the bible is true in its saying that those who believe in JESUS have eternal life, and this is the most certain realiy, that GOD exists. The sure prove of that is you and me, we are works of His hands, OUT OF NOTHING COMES NOTHING, but out of Him came us. We exist because He exists, we are His, we have to go back to Him after all things have passed. And the only way back is throught Christ Jesus.

Everything that has a beginning has an end, and your life is not an exception. Where will you go when you die? Look at the way you live. Your life wont lie, you are heading right where your life leads. If you live Godly you go back to Him. If you live otherwise, then your soul is lost.

If you want an assurance of Heaven, you need to make JESUS your Lord and Saviour.

Make this prayer with me.

Lord JESUS, I start by believing first in my heart that you are the Son of the living GOD, i also confess it with my mouth, that you are the Messiah. Please forgive me all my sins, i acknowledge that im a sinner, and i ask you to purify me and cleans me from all sin. Write my name in the book of life. Thank you Jesus.

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