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* english story: sex with SAPNA MADAM *

This happened when i was in 17 years old, student of class twelve. In our school there was an English teacher named SAPNA, was also our neighbour. She was very sexy looking, have fair skin, tall with slim figure. She is 30 years, her husband was a Bank Manager, she had one 10 years old school going son. I was interested in sex with her. Every night i masturbate about her and dreamed to have sex with her, but feared because she is my teacher, and our neighbour. She was very good friend of my mother. One day mom told her that i am not good in English. She requested madam to teach me some day. She agreed and said 'not yet, but i will teach him in summer vacation. When the vacation started, she asked me in her house to teach me English at noon. I went to her house at 1 p.m. There was summer vacation in our school, but not her son's school, so her son went to school, her husband was also went to his bank-office, so there was none except madam only in her house. She kept open the door, that can i entered in the house, saw that madam was in bathroom. I went near to bathroom and started to watch her bathing from a hole which i made wow she looks beautiful in nude, my cock got erect by seeing her naked while she rubbing her body with soap her boobs and buttocks were shaking, my heart is beating fast now. I removed all my clothes and watching her from hole. She completed her bath cleaning her body with towel and wrapped this towel around her body and came from the bathroom. I got horny and could not control. I quickly grabbed her and hugged tightly, pull her to her bedroom and pushed her on her bed. I hungrily kissed her face, lips, neck down to her cleavage, flat belly while she was fruitlessly pushed my from her. She had flawlessly smooth fair skin. Her stomach was fleshy yet taut and very curvaceous. I started kissing and licking her belly and when i reached her deep navel, i darted my tongue in and out of it. Madam gasped AAAH, AAAAAH, UUUUAAAAAAAAH,
When i did this and i realized that she had started enjoying it. I continued my tongue treks into her navel but then proceeded further down. I opened her towel pulled it from her body, kissed her on her lower belly just above her pubic hair. " Aaaaah, this is wrooong, uhh so good, soooo gooooood", she moaned as her emotions and body conflicted. Then i proceeded further down to her pussy. She had given up resistance and was now fondling my hair and stroking my face. Then i dug my tongue into her pussy and twirled it around her clitoris. She gasped in ecstasy. "Aaaaah, aaaaaaah, devvv, aaaaaaah what are you doing me!" and then she orgasm. Her whole body shook in a huge spasm and then was still. I repeated this and she orgasm again. Her body was now slick with sweat. She was breathing hard. I lifted my face from her pussy and looked at her. Her sexy face was in throes of pleasure. I held my penis and shoved it into her cum soaked pussy. Her pussy was really tight, at first only half of my dick went in, and then i shoved the rest of it. She squealed 'oh no! Its paining!' i placed both her legs over my shoulders and caught hold of her silk smooth thighs. And then i started shoving my dick in and out of her pussy slamming and banging her in a frenzy i was pounding her hard with my 7 inches. The feel of tight pussy engulfing my erect cock was simply delightful. Her hand were clutching the headboard of the bed as i picked up speed and rhythm. I bent down to her breasts and caught one of her brown nipples between my teeth and bit it hard. She screamed in pain and pleasure. Then i gave the same treatment to her other nipple. Her face was red and her eyes were tearing. Her huge breasts were jiggling up and down she was in a state of delirium by now. "FUCK Me Harder HAAAAAARDEER", was all she could manage before she was soaked by an orgasm. Her cum soaked the entire bed sheet of her bed. After sometime jets of my jism spurted in her love-hole.

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