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* english story: Dad's LADYBOSS used me *

It was anything but a typical day, when i was 18 years old. My H.S. exam was over and to just keep busy i had gone to my father's company. My father was an employee of this company. The boss of this company was 60 years old J. N. Roy. His wife was 45 years old RIMA Roy. She was tall, little fat and well built. They have one son Rahul Roy of 25 years, doing M.B.A.! My father ordered me to go to his Boss's house to help his Boss's wife. I obeyed him. I went to Mr.Roy's house and rang the bell, Mrs.Roy opened the front door. I introduced her about me and asked her 'what can i do for you?'. she told me that she wanted to go for shopping. A gorgeous woman in her mid fourties walked out. She was wearing a tight red silk Saree and a short & sleeveless low slung red silk blouse revealing her ample cleavage. Her body looked petite and she was little fat. Her walk made her boobs jiggle and her legs seemed to stretch forever on top of spiked heels. She had waist length hair and by the looks of her nipples jutting against the silk fabric, no bra. I was admiring the view as she approached the car. Seeing her made me get a hard on. I was treated to the sight of her smooth bare legs and painted toenails as she swung into the back seat. I thought i saw her string at my crotch through the window. After the shopping we went back to her house. She told me to come with her. We walked into her bedroom. He then locked the door. She was extremely good looking and wore high heels. She smelled of some fantastic perfume. I felt her hands come around my shoulders and began to kiss me. Her breasts were pushed up in a semi bra. She kneeled in front of me and began to undo my pants. She tugged my pants down and my stiff cock jutted out close to her face. She lowered her mouth around my cock and took me far inside. She swirled her tongue around the swollen head and few times and then moved away.
She bend just a little closer and then thrust her tongue out and licked the pre-cum off the head of my cock like an ice cream cone. I gave a low moan of pleasure 'Ahhhhhh'. RIMA said with pleasure that 'you are so beautiful and hot'. She then laid in her back in the bed and pulled me to her. She then held my erect cock with her hand and set it in her cunt. I pushed my cock against her cunt. My cock head was entering her cunt. Her arms was around the back of my neck and her legs wrapped my waist. My thumbs came up between her legs and pulled her cunt open wide. She then pushed my ass hard with her heels against her pussy. The full length of my cock entered in her cunt. I slowly rubbing my cock against her cunt. She moaned 'Fuck me! Fuck me hard'. Her tongue rolled with my tongue. She bite in my lips. I became faster. She began to gasp for air. Her cunt lips gripped my cock hard. I thrust hard into her, each inward stroke getting a moan of pleasure from the woman. I could feel my balls slapped her ass. I looked up into her eyes and saw the lust there. After long time stroked her we both screamed out with our orgasm "Aaaaaaahhh Uhhhhh I Cuuuuummmmmmiiiiinnnggg"!

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