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landlady - Woman Boobs

* english story: Sex With Horny landlady *

I am 19 year old college going boy. I am sharing my sex experience with my landlord aunty. I am not like to stay in hostel. So my parents found a house for me. I have got room in 2nd appartment. I have very friendly relation with my landlord and landlord aunty. My landlady aunty is very sexy woman of 40 years, with fair skin and medium figure. They have two son of age 20 and 17, studied living in hostel. I was very attracted to her since the day i saw my RITA aunty. Uncle have got shop in Dharmatala Market (kolkata). So comes in the evening. One day afternoon i came from the college, she gave me smiles and we sit in her room. We were watching T.V. and she said she will come after coming her hairs. I said leave it aunty, you looks smart in open hairs. She gave me smile and sat on the sofa with me. We started watching movie 'JULIE'. She asked me 'have you ever met prostitute. I said no. She put her legs on the table and just go down on sofa means she was in semi sitting position. I can now saw her boobs very much. I also slided myself. Now both we were watching movie, but our body touched each other. I can feel the warmth of her body. After some time she took side and now her whole body was facing me and i was very much close to her boobs. They were touching me in between. Then a hot scene in the movie was coming and i can feel the warmth of our bodies increasing. Suddenly aunty hold me around by her. Then i grabbed her head and kissed her fully on her lips. She too grabbed my head and thrust her lips into mine. My arms went around her and my mouth opened and my tongue met hers and we were lost in our pent up passion. She pushed her hips against me and swayed them from side to side. I moved a hand down to her ass and held her against me feeling myself get hard. RITA moaned, and them moved her hands down and began tugging my shirt out of my jeans. Then she rubbed her fingers over my chest hair and scraped her nails on my back.
I put my lips on her navel and stuck my tongue into it. She giggled, but then she gasped as i moved my kisses up her stomach to her chest and then took my time licking and sucking her nipples. At that point she reached down and pulled my shirt and undershirt off over my head then she got down on her knees and we kissed some more with her bare breasts rubbing against my chest. Soon her hands went down between us and she unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and unzipped my zipper. She reached inside my underwear and wrapped her hand around my hard cock and began stroking it. I then pulled her Sari and blouse off from her body. Then i opened her petticoat knot, pulled it down. She throw it by her legs. There are no panty or bra. I moved between her legs, i picked up one of her leg, then kissed and kicked her milky heel and ankles and placed it on my shoulder. Then i did the same with the other. Slowly, alternating legs, i kissed my way down her ankles to her knees. RITA put her arms around my neck and pulled me over her for a kiss. Then her hand reached at my cock and she took my hard dick and placed it between her pussy lips and i pressed my hips down. I slipped inside her easily. I could feel the tightness of her inner muscles, and she squeezed me and wrapped her legs around me. I twitched my dick inside her from time to time, and she squeezed it hard with her inner muscles. We kissed more deeply the longer we held each other. Atlast we both oozed out grabbed each other harder.

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