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* english story: 53 YEARS OLD PUSSY *

I am DEV from Kolkata, 18 years of age, very healthy, strong and handsome. This is a story about a lady of 53 years old. Her house is only at a walking distance from my home. Her name is GITA, wife of 60 years old my doctor uncle Mr. Ranen Dutta. She is 53 years old having very whitish complexion, with some extra fat in her body. Her boobs are very big and white, her his hip is also huge. Her thighs are also very fleshy and white. There are also some fat in her feet and calfs. She was modern lady, she used to wear low cut blouse with sexy bra. She also used sari and petticoat over her panty. She had one son of 33 years, married with 3 years old kid. But they were not living in her home. One day aunty invited me to her house to help her repair their door lock. When i went to her house, she invited me with smile. I saw her face that day, i sensed something was different in her. She had a special kind of look on her face. She was looking very sexy in her red nightie. She shows me her door lock. When i was working, she went to the kitchen and came back soon with some juice for me. Soon after i had finished sipping in from the glass, she had done very strange and sudden thing that she laid a hand between my legs. Her fingers slightly brushed over my pants. My cock felt her fingers teasing it through my pants. I was wonder struck at first. Soon my pants bulged out in the front. She ran her finger smoothly over my bulge and smiled. She smiled openly and took my hand and placed it over her nightie. I felt the softness of her plump boobs through the nightie. She then leaned forward and gently kissed my lips. First, going to the corners of my lips and tickling me, then going at it at full and sucked my lips and tongue. Her hands danced all over my body and we kissed like that some time and we both were moaning in a soft voice "AAAAHHHHHH! UUUFFFF! OOOOHHHH! Feel me AAAHHHH!" Later she began to unhook her nightie and pulled it up.
She had plump and fleshy calf muscles and smooth thighs. She was very fair in complex, however between her legs, it was darker. She had lots of curly pubic hair, it makes me feel sexy. Her boobs are very fatty and fair. She was completely naked and standing there looking at me with a smile on her face. By this time my cock was as hard and strong as rod. She undressed me, then hold my hard cock with her hand and pulled me toward her room. Then she pushed me on her bed and came over me, sat on my belly, kept down her head, kissed me passionately, my lips gripped with her juicy lips, gave bite on my lips. She put her tongue in my mouth, rolled her tongue with my tongue. She is now looked like 'Jangli Billi'! She gave bite on my cheeks, hold my thick erect cock with her hand and placed it in her mouth, licked my cock with her tongue, rolled her tongue on my pink cock head. Her cunt-juice flowed from her milky white thighs as she rubbed her cunt on my thighs. I could feel her juice-smell. She sucked my pre-cum of my cock-head. I put my finger in her ass hole and gave her ass fingering, then licked my finger and tested her ass-hole jelly. Then she got up from me and laid on her bed, i kneeled before her and kissed all over her body. She raised her one leg up to my face and said, "lick it". I licked her toes, toe finger, plump calfs, heels and feet. I also kissed on her knees and soft thighs. I hugged her legs closely and placed my face on the smooth inside of her thighs, enjoying her warmth of her thighs on my face. I felt her fingers running over my head, gently caressing my head. Then i again kissed her thighs and moved up to the place where her legs joined together. I ran my nose through her curly pubic hair. I felt her strong aroma and enjoyed it, rubbing my nose in her pussy. She was moaning "UUUUFFFF! AAAAHHHHH! OOOHHHHHHHH!". Then she open her legs, hold my cock and put it in her pussy. I pushed it in her deep, she moaned "AAAAHHH"!
She wrapped her legs around my waist, pushed my ass with her fleshy calfs of her legs toward her and lead to fuck me her. She was soaked with her cunt juice. As i rubbed my cock in her pussy, she moaned "UHHHH"! She pulled down my face toward her mouth with her hands. Then, while i was fucking her, she was kissing me, bitting my ears, lips and scratching my back and inserting her finger in my anal hole. I increased my speed and she tightened her grip with her legs around my hip. She scratched my back with her nails. After sometime we both oozed with pleasure, making sound "AAAAAHHHHHH! UUUUHHHHHH! OOOOHHHHHHH"! Then we slept with hugging both. After 30 minute, she got up, hugged me tightly and kissed me. Then she asked me to fuck her ass. Then she went in doggy position with her back facing me. I licked her ass hole some time, then applied her pussy-juice on my dick and her anal hole. There are so many flesh in her ass hole, i felt so pleasure. I started fucking her ass hole with my all strength. She lifted her ass and shit hole to me for fuck. This time i also pressed her boobs with my hands and kissing and bitting her neck. After 15 minute i fucked her most vigorously and both of us came in our final time. My semen was flowing from her ass hole. She licked my shaft and commented that it was in her ass hole, so she love it. She thanked me for giving her all pleasures and requested me not to tell anyone about this incident. She also requested me to come again in her home for more fucking.

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