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Neighbour's Saree

Neighbour's Saree

I used to enjoy scenes of my neighbour accidently dropping her pallu to reveal
gorgeous shoulders and back and then hastily putting it back in place, looking
everywhere to see whether anyone saw it. One day she was standing with her small
child in the
verandah. She was a sexy thing--fair skin embellished with a flaming red saree,
wide and low cut blouse.
She had really big boobs which were stretching her blouse so much that it could
snap any moment. She turned around and I saw her sexy exposed back. I could not
let the door remain half closed. I opened it fully and gazed with widely opened
eyes. She saw at me and I relaxed my eyes and went near her. I smiled and asked
how the baby was doing. I chatted with her for
sometime but I was getting restless to touch her. I desperately wanted to feel
her boobs and clasp her body. I asked whether I could hold the baby for a while.
She said yes. I put my hands forward but the baby bended back to hug its mother
tightly. I knew this was my chance. I slid my hand between the baby's stomach
and the woman's breasts! My hand was held
tight, the baby was pressing it against its mother's boobs! The feeling was
electric. I rubbed my hand back and forth while pretending all the while that I
was trying to reach the baby. But to my surprise, the woman was slyly smiling,
perhaps enjoying the flirting. I took the chance and clasped her hand. I
started moving my hands over her smooth glowing skin. She was red in the face.
She said stop but I kept rubbing against her. I could not hold back any longer.
I ushered her into my house. I closed the door. I put the baby aside in another
room. I came back and tightly hugged her. I could sense her excitement.
She was breathing heavily. I grabbed her sari. I started going round her
removing the sari slowly. She stood there sensuously poised. After removing her
sari and petticoat I put her down on the floor with back towards me. I removed
the buttons of her blouse. I spread it to bare her bra. I removed the pins of
her bra and spread it and there she was. Nude on the back. I slid my hands on
either side of her back and searched for her boobs. I slowly caught hold of her
boobs and I pressed hard. I flipped her on the back and what I saw was awesome.
I moved my hands violently, rolling her boobs on all sides. I kissed
passionately on her neck and lips. I could feel my rock hard penis waiting to
explode. I caught her legs. I spread them into a wide V. I went over her and put
my penis near her vagina. I could see her cunts opening up. I put my finger into
it and rubbed. She shouted -- put it in! I could stand no longer. I inserted my
penis and went mad like a dog. I moved back and forth wildly and within a few
seconds I experienced the most pleasureful moment of my life.

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