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ben turpin - Newest pictures Man

Ben Turpin inc' FILMOGRAPHY

Ben Turpin (September 19, 1869[1] – July 1, 1940) was a comedian, best remembered for his work in silent films.

Turpin was born Bernhard Turpin or Bernard Turpin in New Orleans, Louisiana, the son of a candy store owner

He worked in Vaudeville, Burlesque, and Circuses. Turpin had a distinctive appearance, with a small wiry frame, a brushy mustache, and crossed eyes. Turpin's famous crossed eyes, he said, only crossed as a young adult after he suffered an accident. Turpin was convinced that the crossed eyes were essential to his comic career; his co-workers recalled that after he received any blow to the head he made a point of looking himself in the mirror to assure himself that they had not become uncrossed. Turpin took out an 25,000 dollar insurance policy with Lloyd's of London, payable if his eyes ever uncrossed (how serious this was is open to question: such publicity stunts centered around a performer's "trademark" were common at the time). He developed a vigorous style of physical comedy, including an ability to stage comic pratfalls that impressed even his fellow workers in the rough-and-tumble world of silent comedy.

Ben Turpin first appeared on film in 1907 for Essanay Studios in Chicago in various small parts and comic bits; in addition to his on-screen work Turpin worked as a janitor for Essanay. By 1912 he was a widely known screen personality, giving interviews and writing articles for the new fan magazines (the first of which had started the year before). Turpin was one of the Sennett stock company on Charlie Chaplin's arrival there late in 1913. Not knowing how to take the young, gentlemanly Englishmen the rough characters at the slapstick studio dished out their disdain in trade. The Turpin-Chaplin personality clash was the most vituperative.

Turpin left Sennett the following year and immediately began appearing in larger roles, in satires that were created for his unique character.

In 1917 Turpin returned to Mack Sennett's studio a star. Through the twenties his roles often spoofed serious actors and celebrities of the time -- e.g. "The Shriek" for 'The Sheik' -- and Turpin became one of film's most popular comics. Delighted with his success, he took to introducing himself with the phrase, "I'm Ben Turpin; I make three thousand dollars a week." One of his sight gags was a backwards tumble he called the "108".

Turpin and Sennett both appeared as themselves in Hollywood Cavalcade, a partly fictionalized movie about the silent-film era. This movie contains a sequence in which Turpin reports for work at Keystone Studios and prepares to go onto the set in character. In the dressing room he picks up a hand mirror and checks his reflection as he deliberately crosses his eyes as extremely as possible. In this sequence, it can be seen that Turpin's left eye was actually normal when he was not performing, and that he intentionally crossed it (to match his misaligned right eye) as part of his screen character.

In the film The Comic, Mickey Rooney plays a fictional silent-film comedian named Cockeye Van Buren who is genuinely cross-eyed; although this character does not otherwise resemble Turpin, the handicap given to Rooney's role is clearly inspired by Turpin.

Offscreen, Turpin was a devout Catholic who sincerely believed in the power of prayer. His workmates at Keystone would occasionally goad him by threatening to pray that Turpin's eyes would uncross, thus depriving him of his livelihood.

Turpin retired from film in 1924 to look after his ailing wife. He had invested his earnings in real estate, and being highly successful at this, had no financial need for more work. After his wife's death, however, he again began making irregular appearances in supporting comic roles in films in 1926. This would continue into the sound era; his last film role was in the Laurel and Hardy film Saps at Sea in 1940.

Ben Turpin died in 1940 and was interred in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California.


Saps at Sea (1940) (uncredited) .... Cross-eyed Plumber

Hollywood Cavalcade (1939) .... Bartender in Western
Bring 'Em Back a Lie (1935)
The Little Big Top (1935)
... aka Frolics of Youth (#8): The Little Big Top (USA: series title)
Keystone Hotel (1935) .... Count Drewa Blanc
Law of the Wild (1934) .... Henry
Hypnotized (1932) (uncredited) .... Cameo appearance
Million Dollar Legs (1932) .... Mysterious Man
Make Me a Star (1932) .... Ben the Crosseyed Man
Running Hollywood (1932) .... Traffic Cop
Lighthouse Love (1932)
Ambassador Bill (1931) (uncredited) .... The Butcher
Movie Town (1931) (uncredited) .... Ben
... aka Hollywood Happenings (USA: alternative title)
Our Wife (1931) .... Justice of the Peace
Cracked Nuts (1931) (uncredited) .... Cross-eyed Ben
A Hollywood Theme Song (1930)
Swing High (1930) .... Bartender

The Show of Shows (1929) .... What Became of the Floradora Boys number
The Love Parade (1929) (uncredited) .... Cross-eyed Lackey
The Hollywood Dressmaker (1929) .... Ben
A Woman's Way (1928)
The Wife's Relations (1928) .... Rodney St. Clair
... aka The Lost Heiress (UK)
The Cockeyed Family (1928) .... Amos Gillig
The Eyes Have It (1928)
Idle Eyes (1928) .... Benjamin Turps
Seein' Things (1928)
Daddy Boy (1927)
... aka Daddyboy (USA: copyright title)
The College Hero (1927) .... The Janitor
Love's Languid Lure (1927)
The Pride of Pikeville (1927) .... The Pride of Pikeville
Broke in China (1927)
The Jolly Jilter (1927)
A Hollywood Hero (1927)
A Blonde's Revenge (1926) .... Gerald Montague
A Harem Knight (1926) .... Rodney St. Clair
A Prodigal Bridegroom (1926)
When a Man's a Prince (1926)
Steel Preferred (1925) .... Bartender
Hogan's Alley (1925) .... A Stranger
The Marriage Circus (1925)
The Raspberry Romance (1925)
The Wild Goose Chaser (1925)
The Reel Virginian (1924)
Three Foolish Weeks (1924) .... Rodney St. Clair
Romeo and Juliet (1924)
Yukon Jake (1924) .... Sheriff Cyclone Bill
The Hollywood Kid (1924)
Ten Dollars or Ten Days (1924)
The Daredevil (1923) .... Joe Magee, actor
Asleep at the Switch (1923)
Pitfalls of a Big City (1923)
Where's My Wandering Boy This Evening? (1923)
The Shriek of Araby (1923) .... The Sheik
Home Made Movies (1922)
Step Forward (1922)
Bright Eyes (1922) .... Oil magnet
Love and Doughnuts (1921)
Molly O' (1921) (uncredited)
Love's Outcast (1921)
Home Talent (1921) .... Stranded Actor
She Sighed by the Seaside (1921)
A Small Town Idol (1921) .... Sam Smith
The Quack Doctor (1920)
You Wouldn't Believe It (1920)
Married Life (1920) .... Rodney St. Clair
Down on the Farm (1920/I) .... Her Husband
The Star Boarder (1920)
The Speakeasy (1920)
Bloggie's Vacation (1920)
Countess Bloggie (1920)

Salome vs. Shenandoah (1919)
Uncle Tom Without a Cabin (1919) .... Uncle Tom
... aka Uncle Tom's Cabin
A Lady's Tailor (1919)
Treating 'Em Rough (1919/I)
Sleuths (1919)
The Dentist (1919)
Trying to Get Along (1919)
No Mother to Guide Him (1919) .... A happy married man
Love's False Faces (1919)
When Love Is Blind (1919) .... First Pal
The Village Smithy (1919)
Yankee Doodle in Berlin (1919) .... A Guardsman
... aka The Kaiser's Last Squeal (USA)
East Lynne with Variations (1919) .... The Hero
Cupid's Day Off (1919)
The Foolish Age (1919) .... Choir member
Hide and Seek, Detectives (1918)
Whose Little Wife Are You? (1918)
She Loved Him Plenty (1918)
Two Tough Tenderfeet (1918) .... First Pal
Love Loops the Loop (1918)
The Battle Royal (1918)
Saucy Madeline (1918) .... A Rolling Stone Out of Work
His Smothered Love (1918)
Sheriff Nell's Tussle (1918) .... Honest Eyed Jack, Still After Her
Watch Your Neighbor (1918)
Taming Target Center (1917) .... The Old Sheriff
That Night (1917)
Are Waitresses Safe? (1917) .... Ralph, Who Loved Her So
Roping Her Romeo (1917) .... Honest Eyed Jack, a Poor Butterfly
... aka A Lovesick Bandit (USA: reissue title)
A Bedroom Blunder (1917) .... Hotel Desk Clerk
... aka Room 23 (USA)
The Pawnbroker's Heart (1917)
Lost: A Cook (1917)
Pete's Pants (1917) .... Ben Turpin
Two Laughs (1917) .... Special Delivery Boy
A Clever Dummy (1917) .... A romantic janitor
Sole Mates (1917)
Cactus Nell (1917)
Oriental Love (1917) (unconfirmed)
Caught in the End (1917/II)
Bucking the Tiger (1917)
Masked Mirth (1917)
When Ben Bolted (1917) .... Ben
... aka He Looked Crooked (USA)
... aka Why Ben Bolted (USA)
Frightened Flirts (1917)
His Bogus Boast (1917)
... aka A Cheerful Liar
A Studio Stampede (1917)
The Butcher's Nightmare (1917)
The Musical Marvel (1917)
A Circus Cyclone (1917)
Jealous Jolts (1916)
Taking the Count (1916) .... A Cabin Steward
Shot in the Fracas (1916)
A Waiting Game (1916) .... A Tramp
The Wicked City (1916)
Some Bravery (1916) .... A Bellhop
Picture Pirates (1916)
A Safe Proposition (1916) .... A Burglar
He Did and He Didn't (1916/II)
Ducking a Discord (1916)
Poultry à la Mode (1916)
... aka Poultry (USA)
... aka The Harem
Doctoring a Leak (1916)
... aka A Total Loss
The Stolen Booking (1916)
Some Liars (1916)
Lost and Found (1916)
Bungling Bill's Dress Suit (1916)
For Ten Thousand Bucks (1916) .... Bloggie
A Deep Sea Liar (1916) .... Bloggie
... aka The Landlubber
Hired and Fired (1916/I) .... Bloggie
... aka The Leading Man
Just for a Kid (1916)
When Papa Died (1916)
The Iron Mitt (1916) .... Bloggie
Delinquent Bridegrooms (1916) .... Bloggie
His Blowout (1916) .... Bloggie
... aka The Plumber
Nailing on the Lid (1916)
... aka Nailing a Lie (USA)
National Nuts (1916)
Burlesque on Carmen (1916) .... Remendados
... aka Charlie Chaplin's Burlesque ...

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