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The first samurai film i saw was seven samurai (shichinin no samurai) directed by AKIRA KUROSAWA in sixteenth century japan a poor village is raided every year by agroup of bandits until, driven to the brink of starvation the villagers decide to hire professional warriors to protect them . With only three meagre meals a day to offer as payment, their quest seems an impossible one .It is my favourite samurai film other samurai films by AKIRA KUROSAWA yojimbo the enigmatic samurai in yojimbo is played by the great toshiro mifune as a scruffy , itinerant warrior who wanders intoa strange town and right into the middle of two warring clans showing his skills with the samurai sword within minutes of his arrival , he soon has the towns rival factions competing for his services( a fistful of dollars is a remake more or less ) .Throne of blood KUROSAWAS transposition of shakespeares macbeth to 16th century japan is immensely successful in capturing the spirit of the original,another of KUROSAWAS films that is based on shakespeare is ran which is based on king lear , AKIRA KUROSAWAS acclaimed study of power revenge and retribution is set against the magnificent backdrop of feudal warfare in 16th century japan, ran tells the story of a bitter power struggle within the family of warlord hidetora ichimonji after fifty years of ruthless slaughter hidetora divides his kingdom among his sons ,seeking peaceful retirement . However , as his life descends into chaos , he is unable to escape the corruption within his family and the torment within his soul . kagemusha is another KUROSAWAS film set in the 16th century japan shingen, a powerfu warlord has become as legendary as the motto emblazoned on his war banners "Swift as the wind, silent as the forest , fierce as the fire, immovable as the mountain".As he lies dying from his battle wounds , shigen orders his clan to find a double to replace him - to keep his death secret so that his enemies will not attack . the man chosen for this role is called kagemmusha (the shadow warrior). However this kagemusha is a petty criminal who must somehow transform himself into a great leader and command the allegiance of 25,000 samurai warriors .

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