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ugly fat fuck


Oh now we have this boring pus$s which goes by the alias of Majesty Ice also known as Shaz the fat whore or fat fuckk or even giant whale. This girl enjoys cyber life more than her reality :O Every guy on MXit had cyberly fark'd her putrid elongated pusss to an extension that she developed her own unique diseases that goes with fatal obsession with MXit guys :O This endangered specie lives its MXit life hiding with a stick and sucking on everyone's rectum non stop :O This insane daughter of a Ghananian one eyed cockeyed motherfarken arshehole changes men like an abnormal two months toddler that's suffering on diahorrea none stop :O This pusss girl tried all the useless tricks to get on the SLD's way yet failed miserably and she doesn't even feel ashamed that she is sooooo obese that she lives in Indian and Africa simultaneously. This pusss went to some extent and endeavoured to degrade Terry using her antiqated site, but failed with no hope cos everyone knows that she is mentally handicapped thus purile living sample of aborted foetus are not to be taken into consideration :O This blithering idiot can't battle, or rather let me be specific, she can't rap ? Essay ? Swear ? To defend her pathetic life, but what she is good at is to type an 'insult' and laugh along showing her incessantly stupidity that decimate her hallow cork and rearrange her ugly pig face, everything that she type is useless and overused, how can you want to claim dominance when using same insults over and over ? :O ......

This useless bitch is just another random thinking hallucinating on used tampons is somehow to gain knowledge yet exposing the fact that being a genius in idiocy makes her to master the art of stupidity and retardation :O First time i read this forthcoming story about her el, i faint for few days. Apparently it's being out that she has more pubic hair on her chest than her father have and to get her pusss relocated onto her forehead is another story. :O This whale just needs to get laid that's all, but only donkeys could do that, but fail while still at it. :O This whale is every useless word you can find in the dictionary. It's scientifically proven that species like her are unwanted and normal people should be prevented from her since she have this contagious disease making her to have damentia cos everyone insults her so badly that she still try to make a name of her herself.. Keep trying you fat fuckk... This pusss obese whale called Shaz aka majesty ice was apparently got raped by her stepfather, guess what this fat pusss is always online on mxit yet she has a 5 years old son who never get attention cos mom is making herself a pusss on mxit eh this lady whale is useless nothing more or less

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