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This pusss goes by the nickname of Scamp Rmfl, his name is Trevino the dumb farking arsehole. This laaitie think he got all what it takes eh ? When he has been humiliated so much by me and the SLD clan eh. He vy around insulting women because he ain't got balls to step up to madir's like us, though he still thinks he is the madir of all madir's yet not knowing that belting ladies is another sign of weakness :O this pusss doesn't have the backbone when you find him alone, anyone can boot him from pillar to post and he will enjoy the boots up his rearranged deteriorated decomposed rectum ;) All SLD ou's belted this laaitie into oblivion though i would assure you the moron would deny it. He is a real pusss when we talk about parasite's we talk about laaitie's like him :O ...

This laaitie bump with the Rmflpusss's kusu masala ou's thinking he is a big gun yet when big guns like us confront him alone el he vy in the speed of lighting :O he can't battle to save himself, he is a pusss, his mother is a pusss, his father is a pusss, his brother is a pusss, infact his entire family are pusssies, this laaitie can't essay, rap, swear, diss, all he does best is parking dom on MXit like an innocent ou el if you don't know you wouldn't know the secret :O This laaitie park quiet waiting for big guns to drop essays and guess what ? This laaitie will jot the essays down and start bumping to other ou's we are capable belting infinitesimal minds like him, neither the less, this pusss is useless. I even wonder why he is contaminating our atmosphere with his retardation eh ? Who can tell anyway ? ....

This laaitie was caught out in the nearest market stealing chappies waarheid and he was taken to prison now he think cos they used him as a lady inside the prison, he will bump like a true madir eh ? This pusss is MXit's weakest link. Even a wannabe can kick him rotten and putrify his arsehole so exerable that his puss will eventually compliment the ou after all :O This laaitie went so far as trying used teabags cos of his bad addiction of sniffing used tampon's :O Now there is no rehabilitation centre which wants to accomodate this self inspired mother's pusss, if you can see the real picture of this laaitie you'll laugh your ass klaar. El with a long nose like a clown but in this case, it's his real nose. I'm sure in Durban there is little atmosphere when he is around cns he inhald all the oxygen. :O and it was scientifically proven that swine flu was originally from thiss pusss. You can just envisage this arsehole el, i'm sure masturbation finished him, cos he has the inability to approach girls face to face, so he steal good looking ou's pictures and claim to be him. El the laaitie forced to nye his mom, the one suffering from mental dullness. El now the ou feels like he got this whole world on his hands, cos he nye'd his mother :O But what you don't know is his mother is a man, so you can spot the conclusion :O This laaitie is gay, it also originated from him, but i wonder how he want to be in love with girls yet he knows his true way to life is homosexuality. Well there is more to chune about this 40 year old laaitie who still live under the roof of his parents, but unfortunately, i've come to an end. Come back soon and read another story that i'll upload here el, there is still more to enjoy about this pusss, with the yellow teeth.... :O

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