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obese shaz aka majesty fries


Thè smèlly øbésé Shäz aka majesty fries (G)

The truth have been found out about the pusss$ss majesty fries aka Shaz the whale .. This is going to be a long chapter so take your chilly pop corns and coke read while laughing your Arsehole out (G) .. Hmmm enjoy busting waaruit the pusss thought she had it all when she put a picture of a deformed black masala ou and claimed it's Terry :O well it was fake let me chune waaruit about this pusss$

it's this disgusted moldy icky gross smell like dirty feet or something? :| well let me chune ya'll waaruit about the obese extraordinary whale called "SHAZIA", apparently one of her old close reality friend decided to jump so high and revealed and gave us information regarding the bad smell coming from Shaz :O i'm sure ya'll won't believe this but el just believe because i'm chuning it the way it is no SPICE added ..

Its hard to describe, what could this be? Is it pot? Or is simply that Shaz aka majesty fries have TERRIBLE hygine? :? I mean the pusss's smell give people around her a chaotic headache and a new meaning to the word smell lol (G) but surely everyone know that fat people stink BUT obese whales like the brahmlers b@star@d Shaz is worse, at some point while the friend was telling me i thought maybe the whale should find her own country where she will live with the laity Bradley because they all share the same characteristics. :O

you can just imagine the whale claimed that Terry once fell in love for her:|:o( waaruit the ou would be suffocated and died because of the malicious smell coming from the whale true's God. Shaz your pusss$ STOP washing your torned elonganted arsehole that is filled with gust rash and purple pimple's with contaminated lake water and find a better substitute even though your smell is PHENOMENAL (G)

or it could be because you are extra extra etc large? :| Gigantic? :O huge :? Colossal 8o hmmm no OBESE (G) lmfbo, you might probably be having an unhealthy diet thus you have the bad tendency to smell worse and kill any flying insect around even jerms from your neighbour's toilet smell well because there is not roaring insect flying all over and think you might not take as much care with your hygine and fungly appearabe because your size therefore smelling worse. You should stop acting all madir behind your Lcd your pusss$ss, i told you, you will pay for this so badly now your bladdy nye m@s@l@ fat pusss with a leg that fit size 96 toughees (G) hope you enjoy ..

You whale contorted hillbrow whore rather give your child the attention if need stop making yourself a pusss .. Just look at your picture el nee even the site is trying to vomit you out :O ..

Kinds regards the $£Ð madir ou's ;) ..

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