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ostrish neck


My Neck-history

There hard always those who claim to be madir's and one of them is Brendon the Pu$$ who made record of having the longest but thin NECK in human history, there below follow an interview we had with Neckampu$$ a while back so we thought we can share with the public ..



Terry: Hello sir, how are you?
Brendon: hmmm excuse me Mr, i'm not used to being called with the word SIR, i'm used to to the name PENCIL NECK.
Terry: Pardon me Necky, it's weird. Can we continue with the interview now?
Brendon: oh yes we can continue Sir.
Terry: wait just before we start perhaps we can have a short break.

BRENDON adjusting his neck.

Terry: Necky i hope now everythin is well, so may you please tell me about yourself, basically explain in brief why you have rarest neck as an individual.
Brendon: Well i don't know where to start because there is so much to tell but i'll begin here, since is was born i had this kind of neck, I sometimes feel ashamed of myself but well it's something i can't change because for some reason i blame my stupid dad, who was so in love with NECK-OTINE so one day he decided to smoke thereafter he got dizzy oh my God what i'm about it's not a false statement i'm sure most of the people can't even believe me, though i'm sure this interview will enhance their minds and understand the truth. This is nothing but the truth

"Brendon drinks water mixed with urine, and start crying"

Brendon: The truth is that my dad was so horny that he went to some extension of getting sexual pleasure, but because my mother was a man too, my dad decided to cheat "her" with an OSTRICH. By mistake it happened that his erection was so heavy and it bust the shopsite plastic which he was using for protection and the ostrish eventually got pregnant.

Terry start's laughing (G)

Brendon: Excuse me sir may I please continue :e

Terry: Ops sorry NECKY. You may.

Brendon: As I stated above my mom the ostrich conceived me later 20 years <laughs (G)>, I know it's embarrassing but i have to tell the truth. As i was born I was 2.5 meter tall, but as you can see my body is about 1 meter and the other 1.5 it's being measured from my long neck up until my head, well you might find this weird but it's the truth, i never learn to accept the way i'm until the day I got AWESOME 8-) nicknames from my surroundings, the nicknames are as follow, you can call me...


The above mentioned nicknames are my favourate and i give/gave everyone an allowance to use it against me its not a problem, as i'm easily distinguished from normal people. I'm an a$$ehole and i suck people's butthole to befriend them so they can't give me stupid nicknames like "COOL GUY" those are the nicknames which i don't like, they basically don't suit my personality :e.
Terry: Oh my f%ck%ng God i can't believe that people who have self esteem and confidence still exist, i'm glad you came forward and wanted everyone to know about the fact that you are a rare breed when compared to other abnormal human being. So Necky is there something you still want to tell us?

Brendon: I'm in serious need of good friends, i'm a regular on mxit I go by the nickname of <<#ZA!D[E]_8-)>> and =B@st@rd8-)CHAO$= everyone I suck Keegans black butthole just to feel comfortable when i'm around him because him and I are somehow con`NECK`ted in a more erotic way, i wouldn't say we are homosexuals but if thats, the word that gives a GOOD explanation for it then we are:).

Terry: It's been i while since we started chatting so tell me now, how do you feel?
Brendon: I feel tenacious, and i just want to let people know that what they have read about it's not a TRAVERSY it's true :'( and I also want to be treated like a human being even though i know that i'm from somewhere around the pacific ocean i'm so idiotical i even forgot the exact name of the place I come from but i can sure you it's a forest filled with nothing but treacherous pyramids;)

Terry: Brendon thank you for your time, and above all your integrity, you really are an a$$hole, your pu$$, and your mother's elongated black pu$$ :O
Brendon: Thanks alot sir may I please send a shout out to my girl friend?
Terry: Well you have all the time on earth to say what you want to say.
Brendon: Hi Mzansi, I just want to let you know that i'm really in love with Keegan and hey baby please you are the only pu$$ I have so i just want to let you know that, you must never think of dumping me because you and I are pathetic soulmates. Bye love you lots from Brendon:$

Well everyone i hope you enjoyed taking your time reading this interview, all what is typed above it's self confession of NECKY

Hope you enjoyed, kind Regards. $LD members (G)8-)

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