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keegan - Man Asian

¥¿KEEGAN is a PU$$¿¥

I'm Kee-hen a black kunt

Well this is an exposure of Kee-hen commonly known as alcoholic nos but now he goes by the nickname twin chaos or fucken chaos. Everyone might know ou for battling with the same prewritten essays that he stole back then in the time of [K!NG8-)COBRA(*)G$R]. Well basically the story is, when Pravesh was around Kee-hen never battled yet he used to bend for everyone while sucking Pravesh's c o c k, in the time of king cobra, Kee-hen was not a battler he was a total f%cccked up kunt that used to park quiet and watch us madir ou's bumping and it was his dream to be bumping like any madir on mxit, so because he was stealing essay everywhere he goes, now he got the privillage to act like a somebody when he result to a nothing but a cocked eyed two face blaccccck peasant :|

Kee-hen is a pu$$ no doubt, he roam all over mxit claiming virtual dominance, yet he always get it bad from all side north, south, east, west & center but he is too doom to realise that the only dominance that he is making is when he is masturbating just to help his undying desire of getting sexual pleasure even from gays because this black a$$hole is disadvantaged.

Kee-hen can't battle, can't essay, can't rap, can't swear, can't diss but luckly he can COPY and PASTE, and he have a degree in talking behind of his friends trying to build up a good friendship with others not realising that what he is doing is so fark'd up.

Apparently in mxit we had an essay tournament and the twisted eyed Kee-hen which we were to get mxit best battler, but hey it never went well because of the vast corruption that occurred spontaneously. Well in the running of the tournament Kee-hen was always on my case forcing me to disqualify king chaos, Brendon and Dwane because he was shacking that i'll set up a challenge of him against one of the above mentioned people. The nye was always begging me to check on the ou's mostly king chaos because he claimed to know that king chaos was always using copy and paste since the time of king cobra, he even asked me that am i not aware that when king chaos types an essay which isn't a copy and paste he do so much spelling errors? I was like wtp and the ou chune'd me that i should put an eye on him because when king chaos types essay based on medical terms he doesn't type an spelling errors.

Even though Key-hen will deny all what is being typed here, deep inside his burnt charcoal heart he know that what is being typed here it's true. He always try to insult people about how black they are, but as you can just look at his picture the ou is looking terrible with crosseyed and so black that he was conceived by a group of coals in a riot and apparently he fell down as a foetus and grew up as a mentally challenged individual hence he wants to spread his contagious disease to every user in the application. Well there is so much to type about this nye subhuman mind absent hermaphrodite but unfortunatly we will just end up here and you should come again for another update which will happen anytime from today onwards.

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