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blow job maniac li n kz


Who ever thought the public wouldn't know ? :O

There were small talks going around saying that [K!NG8-)TERRY$LD] only give threats and does have what it takes to prove them. Now seat back watch laatie's how I break it down for you. Well this cocksplash is one of the group [N]erds an underground crew which fails so hard to come out to the spotlight and prove their worth, anyway forget about that.

This balla eater also known as Li[N]K`z have a serious problem with hearing sounds in his oval head due to the high stimulation of brain cells from him giving super blows job for a living. Now this has been an enormous problem because this laati's couldn't hide his so called secret and met with one of our journalist and revealed everything this is not a traversy :O. This laati is not even 8month in the game of battling but he think he has balls to step up to the big guns but he didn't realise the fact that he will get banged down and he'll consider hibernation after all.

This knobshine is said to be living in the forest of Malawi but he recently eloped to a secret place around Jhb and he's allergly a well known suspect of kidnapping taxi and bus drivers irrespective of what race they are only to force them into giving them free blow jobs :O, this arsehole who doesn't even have a girl friend since its well known that mxit is his girl friend, came on mxit for human trafficing claiming to be all like a God, well probably the missing link is that he is a God of masturbation and giving blow jobs and you can go around to search for a normal guy to testify against the fact that he might be the best blow job giver well the probability of that happening is 0,025/3 you can do the math and you'll realise that the probability is certainly low.

Well i'll crack this masala laati like a lemon cream biscuits as if he isn't an alien just because i have the ability to do that wherever and whenever at any given time of the day ;), apparently the L was replaced with the letter P and its now being pronounced as Pi[N]k`Z and the intension of doing that is to get other males to be fascinated into him thinking it's a girl but mistakingly have genitals but the truth being known that this pu$$ is a hermaphrodite well if that doesn't sound well you can use the word GAY :O he is only 16 if not 17 but the most feared even though he holds a world record of escaping in maximum securities prisons just because he has his own hidden skills to brag the prison wader's to his cell and brutally rapping then thereafter giving them a terrible blow job that even if the prison wader will try to watch porn 10 times a day his bala would still wake up from the super dehydration that it got from the warrior Pinks.

Your arsehole laati you could never come close to be regarded as an antagony and better yet go back to flirt zone where you used to bang other males so bad that they even left mxit not willingly, you stand no chance against your pu$$ when you are with your bra's you have this mentality that you are a royal somebody when you are raw cock-weight-lifter, you just have to know that you are beneath my shadow and could never i mean ever surmount to anything that could be even slightly mistaken for a simple sketch of a sample of being a human being :| you knob gobbler i'll trash you so bad that everytime when i'm in the same room as you, you'll probably go on silent mode as if you are a vibrator that you use to give yourself more endurance as if you are out of batteries.

You cockeyed cock-splash pu$$ mother fucking arsehole :O i'm only starting but you are packing your bags yet the game is not over, well Pi[N]k`Z i know you are reading what I typed and you certainly agree along with me that it's nothing but the truth this is a slight warning showing you that you are a LAATI and that shall remain like that you will never be anything along combined with your relatives. Don't let the frustration that your dad left your mom [who is also a man] for another males because in your family ya'll have this rare fascination with other males especially old grandpas, now your tongue along with your cheeks have 6 packs because you blow so bad hard and terrible, now i'm sure you'll stop to force every mxit guy to drop his pants for you when you are feeling bored your pu$$ you are a nobody and thats what you'll always be :O i'm not done with you this is just a small preview of what is coming next stay tuned for the next release during the week.

Originally created by 8-)W~R~A~T~H8-)$LD.

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