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dont give

¥¿¤$LD's HISTORY¤¿¥

Where do we come from?

Well this is how $LD was formed 6 years [2004] back in the historical chatzone named The Zone where we roamed all chatrooms but usually resided in Time Machine then later moved to take over Area 51 .. The story goes like when Dark Mountain was still performing alive and kicking, it started where I [Terry] was still a flirt and didn't have any clue about what battling namely [essay & rapping] was. By that time all i knew was lyrically flowing in reality only, until the day Lord:eQuad:en@o found me in a room and asked my number so he could invite me private, little did i know what his intention was and i just gave him my number thinking he just want to be one of my contacts too, but what kept bugging me what the fact tag he had the tag [n@o] along side his nickname ..

When he invite me private we chatted about so many things and he certainly asked me if i had any idea about battling well i was astounded and i said no then he said he will be so glad to grow me up in the battling industry and because i was so keen, interested and willing to be part of the battling movement I joined n@o as he asked me to join, well he trained and he had too much patience all i could ever do was to start swearing and using all the objectable punchlines towards everyone i meet, I was roaming with the nickname of EminemP-)N@O.

Lord:eQuad:en@o who his real name is Jean Todd was one of the dark mountain legends, he kept training me and i was so committed and dedicated to what I was told to do, sometimes i even irritated him to start training me, i trained so hard and because there was so much room for improvement, I started being online 24/7 enjoying the mxit "carrier". By that time DoA, G$R, COL, $OM and RMFL were still in full force and battling was so enjoyable because there was always a trashing taking place either in Alphacom25, Durban50 and PE25. Etc By that time you could barely go offline until your airtime get finished because mxit so was interesting and enjoyable. n@o stand for New Age Outlaws and the legacy is still alive in a private dimension. Later when time goes on there was an elite crew derived from n@o which used to roam around with the [O]utlaw tag and we grew it up and the legacy still continue with the mighty notorious $LD

In 2004 n@o died because Lord:eQuad:en@o lost his interest in battling and university consumed most of his time, and because I was his mxit son passed the Legacy of n@o towards me and I [Terry] had to lead it until i was totally dead and same year August 2004, HvC which was in full named HAVOC which was led by Jp also known as Chimera aka Silent Killer Hvc and it was go leaded by Lee aka Lord Aries Hvc also known as Wasted skills Hvc which acted as rude co leader, but they were all so good in battling which in those days consisted of wittiness and humour amongst other things critics and creativity, which I joined and it was running up until november 2004.

When it died I was almost a good battler but still growing, I created $LD which was firstly known as SOLIDS but the name was not good enough and when the went by i renamed is Satanic Lash Demons though due to most of the people who were in $LD didn't want to be associated with Satanism for that matter most of the member left and I had to think up of a name which is $aint Lamented Demolishers and it was suitable thereafter everyone started joining we dominated the chats mainly The Zone, Lisa's Lounge and Durban. I then introduced my brother Roland also known as Lord:eHav:ec`$LD in the battling industry it was in 2005, he knew about all the battling stuff all he ever wanted was just a little bit of enhancement which he got within few weeks and he was a cruel battler.

By that time is was going by the nickname T3rror!st8o$LD then later on i changed to n@o`!ll:eM3d!c!n3`$LD by then we developed so much faster because we licked battling alot and time went by in 2006 i started calling myself [K!NG8-)TERRY(*)$LD], my brother and I started being dominant and well known in chatrooms and $LD got fame and everyone knew about it and so much people were so interested to join until we reached a maximum of 268 members which they spread in different chatzones until then we went to dark mountain and caused fiasco and promoted corruption and we were fearless and ruthless and time went on and on, we encountered problems just like every other clan but $LD never died even though when time went by it could only lose members time and again and some members joined along the way until today in 2010 we are still up and running having all the crazy madir you usually see in chats and thats how $LD came up and we are honoured to still have $LD around trashing people after such a long run, i hope you all enjoyed reading about our history until next time. Thanks for visiting our site come again.

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