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zazi the whore

¥¿Zazi ThE WHORE¿¥

Zazi ? Charnè either way its one Fuccking prostitute :O

Others might know her with the name Charnè other know her by her bitchy attitude which is flunging inside the name of Zazi ;), seat back and let me break it down for you, this girl is an absolute bitch, slut, whore whatever name you want to call her with, she might still trying to make it big on the visual realm but yet with her fat body it prevents her thumbs to represent herself as a person with good human attributed, apparently she is dropped down to a skinny level and you can refer to her as an ectormoph kind of a retarded human sample, this guy is a bitch first she was living in Mafikeng with her mom and dad, and it happened that her dad die early this year in march, and they had to repossess the house and they relocated to Kimberly slums where life rs and I know where my happiness is, now that I got you to care, now that you got me forever everything I don't want is gone i know i can't leave without your love

Its a load of shiit :O, well Zazi stayed in Kimberly with her mom while she is still prostituting and her mom couldn't take it anymore and kicked her out of the house until she went in Bloemfontein, when she got there things didn't go well for her because she started smoking weed and selling her pùss in the tarven just to get R3.50 to buy half brown so she can try to sleep not with an empty stomach, which she was busy doing that, it happen that her friend Nikkie told me that Zazi made 3 abortions in 3 months and got raped 4 times in a row because of being desperate of money :O, thereon apparently she found mxit as her new hobby, and before I knew all about her background she was a good girl, but as you all know good girls gone bad, I [Terry] was dating her and she was so desperated and obsessed with me sending me her naked pictures and not so good looking bodies trying to impress me thinking it was a good way for her to show that she loves me eh? But after all what i'm revealing here

Came out i decided to leave this whore seeing that it got no future, she tried making a file on mxit as an exposure but little did they know that it won't get them [Her and Mimi aka Bridgette] nowhere, due to their oozing stupidity they had to amalgamate their incompentency and try to take me down but I still came strongest and never back down from my haters, Zazi is a cockeyed nye if you don't believe me about her sending me naked pictures below this field you'll get a field whereby you'll get all the naked pictures she sent including her rotten pùss towards me, she is a whore, when her gay brother died, she even got more frustrated and attempted suicide but she failed while she was still at it, little did she know that hanging yourself with a shoe lace gives a chance of survival as she did, now she is facing her demise, and earlier in June she was arrested for stealing always ultra pads at shoprite checkers and she was held in a holding cell for 2 weeks :O, this is a very bad girl.

This pùss called Zazi known for bad influence around other people, she think for being a bitch works to her advantage since she has the audacity to take every "boy friend" she wants, yet still remain the same school drop out idiot who the bad spirits of life caught up with her, and she succeeded to leave drop out at school at grade 10 known as [standard 8]., well i'm sure her pùss have a diametre of an 800kg tank and a circumference of 400kg wide :O and still manage to swallow multiple cocks in her mouth, surely if everyone ask this big-eye marbled arsehole for her skills at prostituting she won't have a problem to tell now that almost everyone who frequent this site has read about her unruly behaviour which is somewhat contagious, well thats all for now i hope you come again, and Zazi i know you read this, next time think throughly before you take action i'm not one to mess will i'll ruin your mxit reputation like how your pùss is so wide open as a mouth of a dolphin when its yawning.

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