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dougie. - Man Western

¥Interviewing DUG¥

Who's Dug :O.. ?

Ladies and gentlemen, we are interviewing Doug ops excuse me i mean Dug about his lively hood and experience, so enjoy reading the interview below I hope you'll enjoy. Take your pop corn and have your twinsaver on your lap because this might be a comic interview anyway, the interviewer is Terry and interviewee is the famous Dug.

Terry: Howzit dug?
Dug: ... I'm good thanks and how are you Terry ;)...
Terry: I'm genuine thanks, i only want to consume a little of your time, thereafter everything is cool.
Dug: ... Well Terry this must not take long child or i'll "dismantle" you with my "substance" ;)...
Terry: Quite frankly I couldn't care less dug. Lets get to the topic, how is your life style outside mxit?
Dug: ... Asking about my life style is useless you "dislocated fool" ;) ...
Terry: Well dug halt with the animosity (u), i just want to get a view of your life. :O
Dug: ... Terry i'm not your father ;) ... My life is none of your business because its so damn difficult to cope with it 8o ...
Terry: I understand your sentiment dug, could you please give me a short explanation, telling me about your life? (G)
Dug: ... My life is horrible, i dropped at school in grade 10 because "i loved shaz" so much, and i was willing to give her my kids until I found out things went wrong between us 8o ...
Terry: Thats somehow sad dug, so you felt that you don't need school in your life? What are you doing in life currently?
Dug: ... I'm a SECURITY child ;) ... I spend most of the time at work, is useless but they "payment is good" ;) ... I earn enough to keep me on mxit chatting ...
Terry: Excuse me sir, whats mxit? Could you give a brief explanation of mxit?.
Dug: ... Mxit is the only thing that keep me active, irrespective of where i'm, whether guarding at the main gate or the garage, i kill time by logging online and battling ;) ...
Terry: Mxit? Urg.. Seems interesting, what is it, is it an application or game?
Dug: ... ;) don't ask me stupid questions child ;) ... If you don't mind "type fool", `mxit is a game` ;) ..
Terry: Awesome :O ?¿ Its a game ? :{ Dug are you well? Do you mean is an application?
Dug: ... No its "a application ;)" ... I'm not afraid of anyone these kids can't battle ;) ... I always "baet" them ... I'm victorious
Terry: So your mxit character is diabolic i see, if you don't mind could you please give me an opposite word me "VICTORIOUS"
Dug: ... "Go to study Terry fool ;) ... " victorious means _"someone like me, i never LOSE a battle"_ ;) ..
Terry: Excuse me dug, i mean give me an opposite word, DON'T give me an explanation (G).

Air break.. Dug is still inspecting shoprite ..

Dug: ... Excuse me Terry, i had to do my job, either way I gave you what the word means fool, you should go to school ;) ...
Terry: Oh dug, you seem hard headed, anyway, you were inspecting shoprite, apparently i heard you shouting what was wrong?
Dug: ... I was verbally essaying other 2 shoplifters so i told them that "their retarda`tion` is increasing the popula`tion` of my screen by their stupidity ;)" ...
Terry: :O wow your english is deep yet nonsense :x, i'm still trying to find out what you meant :| i'm sure the thugs ran dug?
Dug: ... You won't comprehend child ;) ... "i'm contemplating, your contemplationspan .. " don't mess with me fool, you can't battle...
Terry: ~faints~

Dug: ... You see Terry, you can't understand my english because its unique, i guess it was great disadvantage for me dropping school, thinking my father will let me run his "spaza_shop" :'( ..
Terry: (G) I understand you very well dug, i insinuate you attend night school. Maybe it might enhance your brain functionality :O
Dug: ... I don't need school ;) .. I'm a "PROFESSIONAL" ... I have my friend Curvey who give me free classes when I always send him gifts ..
Terry: Well dug, you seem to be an arsèhole, lets battle :O
Dug: ... Terry you can't battle dude, you need to go to college, "come here daddy brush your girly hair"...
Terry: (G) Rofl dug, i was testing you but i see you are easily and short tempered. Lol,
Dug: ... Well Terry i gotta go to "church" ;) ...
Terry: No dug wait, before you go, what's a MEGABYTE?(G)
Dug: ... Don't ask me child, i don't have to educate your retardation ;) ... Let me rather go ...
Terry: No dug wait!! :|

Dug stand up and bang the door on his way out.


Dug: ... Fool i have extra ones in my shack you can have those ones ;) ... You are useless Terry ..

Terry: el i'm ripped oath (G) dug is pùss eh, this ou will never change :O ...

Well thanks for reading this interview dug i know you will also read, thats how of a pùss you are, you'll neve change your arsèhole i'll tear you everytime i see your cocksplash :O .. For your own information keep your distance because you'll never give me a match, i'll bang your scrotum with rubber bullets until you leave mxit.. Anyway thanks for visit this page.

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