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pregnant nipple. - Woman Boobs

¤¥¿ WtFp¿¥¤

Who's fooling who?

Well well bitch :O let me give you an intro an swearing you a bit :O, Zazi you fucking prostitute ;) you have a hidden agenda yet again you have the guts to give falsified information about Terry thinking its vengeance to what he did to you? Look here you cocksplash masala puss, you even went to some extension of capturing the phallus of your latest boyfriend and claim it mine :O but the truth we both know its that you're fucking delusional.

You formed a conspiracy with your mom Mrs Reborn Ddr need I say her name? Ugh no its not that important. Anyway you thought if you make a file about Terry he will eventually back down and worship your rotten pùss?:O well you got it all wrong, the day you had to come in Pretoria, terry banged you Fucck'd, your vagina has a circumference of about 6.8cm :O, and the bad part of the story is that you admitted that you were banged inside a toilet by an unknown guy, while you're still at it, you tried justifying yourself by stating that you used "condom" yet I and other people know exactly that a prostitute like yourself is not fond of using a condom.

You open your vagina so wide so every guy irrespective of who it is, i'm sure if mxit can start a competition whereby 6 ladies are volunteering to get banged by all mxit ou's even gays you would take the number one spot because of the fact that your pùss is able to accommodate more than 6 penis's not counting the 3 that will me inside your elastic mouth which is infected with gingivitis wtfp :O girl you are a pùss

you claimed to have "money" yet when you had to visit Terry in Pretoria you didn't have the money to go back home eh ;), funny part is that you had to stand in every corner of Pretoria so you can sell your putrified hole so you can get money to go back home :O, Zazi you'll get torn with your split personality or not, you can be Charnè, Bevely, or Chloe but there is no girl that can match your characteristics hence you are permanently owning the number one spot. Lmfbo you a so fat and big eyed your eye sight is good that it can even see a phallus while is covered by a trouser & jockey, hmmm talking about walking microscopes :|.

You even lied that terry's father ran away from home :O wtfp i'm sure you have an illusion which is occupying the space which has to be filled with functional brain cells but instead ashes nothing more 8| you better get full information before claiming things which you know nothing about, not that your father died because your boyfriend Jabu stabbed him thrice on his chest and that caused his death, shame? Hmmm no its because you are a fucking whore, at some extent you had to seduce your father wanting money to buy Mr Price's G-strings so you can be a good and enticing prostitute, you are a filthy dog, better bring back Terry's nokia phone charger that you stole the day you had to depart.

You are worse girl, now terry's mother have hiv? You better get knocked by a truck full of rubbish maybe then your demented brain will start working efficiently. Zazi you inherited the characteristics of your mother, she is a pùss, so are you ;) we will bang you everytime we meet in chats and you'll do forkall about it, thats the pùss you are your arsehole eh :O I know you read this, well this is just a start up. Visit more often for some interesting news

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