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theeran. - Woman Ebony

Fucking Obese Pùss

I told you, you won't get too far your arsehole, now watch me murder you publicly :O

Hey pùss ;), you are a fucking pùss that always flip flap his gums on MXit as if you got what it takes to bump like original big guns, now that I got your picture, before we go further, look at yourself, your are so forking obese i bet you use artificial thumbs to type seeing as one of your thumb occupy the whole keypad even if you used a pc it wouldn't be better :O. You are a wanna be kunt at less cost, you kept messing with the real the big guns now you are getting torn, i doubt you'll ever come on MXit again becaues since our last encounter, Romeo made you sprint so bad that you broke the marathon world records :O. You pathetic slum dweller, just come to a realisation that the time you were vying with us, you where a forkall and you are still a forkall and for a fact I know you'll always be, you should come to your senses arsehole, you can't beat anyone in $LD be it that you got your fat thumbs integrated with your whole retarded family tree brain you'll still come out last your pùss ;) just so you should know that this is the begining of your murder.

One person couldn swear you are a luka o when you are just a pùss nothing more or less, live with it, its your epithet and you are the epitome of homosexuality due to your musculian cheeks that got o's drooling your mother forking cocksplash, you are 14 but have the audacity to think that you'll be able to beat us? Dude come to your senses you are below the last level when contemplating in the idiotic hierachy, you'll dwell beneath the shadow of any SLD member, just know that Fuzile you are a pùss! You'll get banned always when we encounter no mercy upon knob's like yourself, i know you'll be reading this just make it a point that you'll come visit more often than though and read about your murder ;)

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