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The Theory of Evolution

** This page was added by Michelle **

I have a theory. I believe that we evolved from ducks. Ducks were the origin of the universe. The old theory that all these posh ass scientists come up wiv is that we evolved from monkeys!!?? Thats obscene!! Monkeys? They r thick n stupid. If we did come from monkeys then why dont we live in trees!? Ducks r smart as hell! So we must hav come from them. When winter sets in and its dämn cold the ducks fly away to their secret underground hideaway deep underground where its warm. Humans stay in. We hide when its cold, like ducks! What do monkeys do? Sits in trees n freeze their arses off!! Also i offer more evidence. Ducks are so cute n lovely, like some humans, like who ducks r associated wiv. But monkeys are old ugly bästards! Ok they may b cute as babies but everything is cute when its young. Very few things stay cute
all of their lives. Ducks r so cute from birth to death. Just like some pèeps i know. Not many though. All this písh about life starting from cells, it aint true. Ducks were the orgin! Everything was evolved from ducks. Humans came from white ducks, the best of them all! This is my theory. I am working day and night searching for more evidence that we evolved from ducks. Some ducks still remain because we need a reminder of what we once were and should treat ducks like gods on earth. I need no evidence to prove this theory. I know its true! But many others want evidence!!

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