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king easy doa - Man


2 of 2 in DoA / OgZ

11. Oct 2007 06:46:25 EDT
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File size: 30 kB
what you putting your laughter in brackets for your morfy dont contain it cause you will shit on yourself, you ran like a bitch when I asked for a chalenge but I posted a new chalenge and I want to see you run your mouth, im not your average weak kunt that runs away or doesnt show up for battle, since I said that, I battle during the day kant, I can rap a little but in all other cases I can fuck you up with my phone off you getting the picture slowly
05.11.2007 07:36 EST,
1nce again [LMFBO] Ay i like it when them haterz comment for easy forsheezy guaranteed to put a smile on my face.clinton in case ya didn't get first time Dark mountain name Rhyme password Zone tonight at nine;-)YOUR KING EASY [lmfbo]
23.10.2007 11:19 EDT,
[LMFBO]maybe if you wipe your Stepdad's cum out your eyes and check closer you'll see i got hair..[SPEECHLESS]GRIM coward me again on a site [lmfao]all old news to me that's all i gotta reply and it's also my'll see me again on the battlefield oh ya btw i know you bought the judge who gave you win over Star[easy knows it all]i'll lyrically cut you up cook ya eat ya and give ya left overs for the dogs [lmfbo]you got nothing else to do then typin shit use your hand to wank then wanksta.[case closed] R.i.p Clint0n..23.10.2007..ROOM Rhyme..PASS Zone dark mountain tonight at nine
23.10.2007 11:11 EDT,
*smirks after taking a look at Nicholette's essay of praise*GRIM AL YA "MAIN"POEZIES GET SERVED BY THE E.WHY DON'T YOU STEP UP TO YOUR PLATE IT GOT ENOUGH SHIT IN IT NOW YA CAN EAT IT,LOL THIS TIME IT'S NOT GONNA BE LIKE THAT NIGHT IN FIVE NO...THIS TIME It's different Lol I would've countered your lines but since they old and stale *as usuall* i decided to let it slip see ya when ya see me "warrior" too easy to envy me. I PLAY MY ENEMIES LIKE A GAME OF CHESs;-)
23.10.2007 02:06 EDT,
Woiyo anada 2pac inda makn lol mwaz u sxc thang.
17.10.2007 14:44 EDT,
hmmmm.......... interesting lol da jelly gangsters came out 2 play lol btw reckonise u fat puss i dont know bout da other crews but u neva touched da ts u ova weight slut
17.10.2007 00:56 EDT,
Easy ;-) .. as for vikz, son y u do dis to urslef? u enjoy putin da fame to glamor, but u come here u wil get lashing and sent with ur tail between ur obesity boy, u so farkin ugly but u wud dare to comment on somebody else lyk 1 thorough bred morfy ;-) time is al u hav vnv until we close url down.. n time is catching up, soon ppl wil ask wat is vnv ;-) pump pump pump pump it up :-D
16.10.2007 02:04 EDT,
right vnv enough of this nice guy bullshit,you attack people on the net cause your weak ass cant think up comments on your own,now you and your whole crew gonna have to pay cause you ur puss lightie had to open your mouth and remove the dildo from ass so the berbal diahorreah had to stink up the place,well dam boy get ready for a world of pain and start running and hiding cause snipers coming for you boyo
15.10.2007 13:33 EDT,
Lol you farkd up n0b0dy u a weak p0esie advertisin ya Site sorry Vikz we burnt you you even cried you come here you leave shit cause we can't answer you back same moment next time Vikz you proved me this morning that you a waste o time yawn Whoever read here you wana puke?GO check PINN0CHI0's what a waste
15.10.2007 11:21 EDT,
HTTP:// ``` """"" I f0rkd Gz up, sso Ogz da wana be kants wil Be NO F0rkIn differENT HHHHAaHaHAhah, EAsy aSK Gz, LoD, nLs, 626 da MadIrz an tS bout me HahahAHahHAAH den coME f0rkin tune
15.10.2007 07:40 EDT,

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