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sniper ogz - Man


1 of 2 in DoA / OgZ

11. Oct 2007 06:46:25 EDT
File type: JPG picture
File size: 19 kB
oooooooooooh lalalalala cuz i didnt know it was u!!!!!!!!! well you look Hot as to be expected that runs in the family.....MWAH
01.11.2007 07:05 EDT,
mwahlalalala snipy damn boy arent you famous!!!!! mwah mwah papa dont worri about them hater! be glad they are thinking about you more than the ppl they like...... hehe dumbumz
26.10.2007 08:12 EDT,
I state it here i warned ya'll my beef with Nicollete ain't settled...but the m0rphy keep runnin lol ever since i challenged to squash the beef...what's the matter Nicholette (lord of the flies)lmfbo Like my nick state Easy to Envy but also easy to kick your jealous ass up your mothers's nostrils lmfbo this time it's not |3G3/\/[!)|<!||@ comin for ya cause he killed your legend and your losin streak started with him..NO MERCY...YOU CAN RUN BICTH but you won't be able to hide.. So step Aside;-)
23.10.2007 02:15 EDT,
Dam dam dam! Ur wun fyn papa i muz say :) mwaz tc pup!
17.10.2007 14:41 EDT,
lol hahaha da bouncy boys sud of kept dey mouth closed but i gues thats hard 2 do wen u stuffing food down ya throat all da tym
17.10.2007 01:02 EDT,
### wat wud sniper wud do :-? FATALITY my boy ,if u develop amnesia ask King Kobra gsr for ..., n dis is internet, so we rather fark u up live vikz, name da place and time son ;-)
16.10.2007 01:58 EDT,
}$@]_UT3{--$/\/!/>3R bhai ;-) Oh n wat do we hav here? Vikz u remember me boy? how u wantd a farkin 1 on 1 battle even tho u luk lyk 3 ppl, but u brought ur bras, n i sent dem with u, cryin lyk da bitch u r vnv, ur crew is wack, bitches dat cant burn sit in da rum n park dom, but dey got mor balls than u vikz, dey dont run, i feel sori for u, u cry sayin "mxit gangters" den wtf is this? mig33? u go to nandoz to eat chicken son dont com here looking for attention cause wen we done with u, u wil be number 1 morfy leader of a puss crew, imagin if i burned u so badly =BO]\[3$= , wat wud sniper wud...
16.10.2007 01:57 EDT,
Lol Yeah you are our lingo it means farkawl the chicks burnt you black your asshole cried now you wanna tune shit lol vikz you a weak kuntlin time to accept reality and the way life is you ain't going to change you'll be a pussy for all time i'm sorry to say that but that's how it is //still rappin;-) lol what a waste
15.10.2007 11:25 EDT,
Lol sniper looks like we scared him away talkin about a guns like that hahahahahahaha anyhow the weapon is ready for destruct;-)
15.10.2007 06:53 EDT,
easy .sniper rifle loaded and ready to start blasting.this vnv crew dont know the world of pain they just got them selves into.oh well they shall soon meet there fate.
15.10.2007 05:55 EDT,
0o0o0hlala who's this hottie.Hehe.U got me Dr0o0oling bhai...Keep it real u far past extreme,u more than just my dream.Mwaalaas:)
13.10.2007 08:41 EDT,

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