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WILD Women

Dont Shrink Your Psyche
Embrace Your Wild Side
Wildlife and the Wild Woman are both endangered species. Over time, we have seen the feminine instinctive nature looted, driven back, and overbuilt. For long periods it has been mismanaged like the wildlife and the wildlands.
Modern psychology does not really cater to the deeper side of woman; it leaves no real explanation for her longings, it does not shine light on her mysteries, is does not allow her time...
A healthy woman is much like a wolf: robust, chock-full, strong life force, life giving, territorially aware, inventive, loyal, roving. Yet, separation from the wildish nature causes a woman's personality to become meagre, thin, ghostly, spectral ... When women's lives are in stasis, or filled with ennui, it is always time for the wildish woman to emerge...
Like wolves, women have been demonized for any sign of wildness and their homelands concreted over; but just as many wild wolf populations have been re-established, it is about time that women regained access to their wild spaces...
The modern woman is a blur of activity. She is pressured to be all things to all people. But the old knowing is long overdue... Reconnecting with your wild nature is not a mad indulgence but vital to mental and physical health...
Sit Back, Relax &Enjoy These Mythical Stories And Their Teachings. Gents Feel Free To Join...
Once, in a very harsh place, a hunter was out in his kayak. It was past dark and he had not found anything. He came upon the great spotted rock in the sea, and in the half-light the rock appeared to be full of gracious movement. As he drew closer, he say a group of stunningly beautiful women, and in his loneliness he felt pangs of love and longing. He saw a sealskin on the edge of the rock and stole it. As the women donned their skins and swam back into their watery home, one of them realised she was without her skin...
The man called out to her "Be my wife, I am lonely" but she said, "I can't, I am of the Temeqvanek, I live beneath." But he said to her: "Be my wife, and in seven summers I'll give you back your skin, and you can do as you wish." Reluctantly, the seal woman agreed.
They had a much loved child, Ooruk, whom she taught all the stories about the creatures of the sea that she knew. But after a time her flesh started to dry out, she turned pale and her sight began to darken. The day came when she asked for her skin back.
"No," said the husband- did she want to leave the family motherless and wifeless?
In the night Ooruk heard a giant seal calling in the wind, and he followed the call to the water. In the rocks he found a sealskin and, on smelling it, realised it was his mother's. Taking it to her, she was delighted, and took him with her under the water where she introduced the boy to the great seal and all the others.
She regained her colour and her health, because she had returned home... She became known as the seal no one could kill, Tanquigcaq, holy one. After a while she had returned the child to land, but when he grew up he was often seen communing with a particular seal near the water.
So What's To Learn?
An old and beautiful symbol of the wild soul ...THE SEAL... Seals are generally comfortable with humans, but like young and inexperienced women they are sometimes not aware of the potential harm or the intentions of others. All of us at some point will experience a "loss of our sealskin," a robbing of innocence or spirit, a weakening of identity. At the time it always seems horrible or at least difficult, but later you will hear people say that it was the best thing that happened to them, because it clarified who they are and what life is to them. It puts us in touch with deeper things.
The story evokes the duality between the "above-water" world of family and work, and the oceanic world of private thoughts, emotions, and desires. The soul-home can't be left unvisited for too long, or, like the sealwoman, our personalities dry up and the body is leached of energy. Many women loose their "soulskin" by giving too much or by being too perfectionistic or ambitious, by constant dissatisfaction, or by lacking the will to do anything about it.
While everyone wants a bit of the modern woman, there has to be a point where she says "NO" and reclaims her soulskin. This might involve something from a weekend away in the woods, to a night with friends, to setting aside an hour a day when no one can ask for anything. Others, (especially your family), might not understand it, but in the long term it benefits them as much as you!, and you'll come back refreshed and psychically refueled...
*._.* the end *._.*
Once there was a lonely arctic fisherman who, one day, thought he had hooked a big fish that would stop him from having to hunt for a while. He got excited when there was a big pull on the nets, but was shocked when he saw what he pulled up: a woman's skeleton.
The woman had been thrown over the cliffs by her father, and she had sunk to the bottom. appalled at his "catch," the fisherman tried to throw it back, but the skeleton came to sort of life and pursued him back to his ice-home.
He took pity on her and cleaned her up and let her rest, before falling asleep himself. During the night she saw a tear coming from his eye, and she drank and drank the tears, so thirsty was she. And in the night she took his heart and used it to make her come alive again, as flesh and blood. A person again, she crawled into his sack with him.
Thereafter the couple were always well fed, thanks to the sea creatures the woman knew when she was at the bottom of the sea...
So What? You May Ask.
Could this story be about relationships?... When you are single, you look for someone who is loving enough or rich enough so that, like the fisherman, you "won't have to hunt for a while." you are just after more life in your life, something enjoyable and fun.
However, once you get a good look at what you've pulled up (maybe after the flittery phase, when the novelty has worn off), like the fisherman you try to "throw him or her back." You realise that you've got more than you've bargained for, that this is getting serious. The other person stops meaning good times to you, they become the skeleton woman--the horror of settling down, mortality, long-term commitment, ups and downs, age, ending of the current life. Yet if you are lucky, the "skeleton" will not accept your rejection but chase you to your home (your limits and insecurities). In time you realise that this being has a lot to offer, attractive even if scary; for some reason you want to do something for this person.
In return this being gives you abundance, but of things and from sources that you did'nt know existed...
When we shy away from serious relationships, it's hardly ever the other person we cant face up to, it is unwillingness to enter the time-honoured cycle --"life/death/life"-- So, we will not allow ourselves to grow in this relationship, but seek another one and perhaps then yet another, so that we only experience a continual high of "life". THIS SHRINKS THE PSYCHE! In modern cultures we are terrified of any sort of death, wheras in older ones everyone was aware that a new life came as the companion to death ... Just like every relationship has many endings and beginnings within it, and what to our horror may seem like the final end ... is more likely to be a necessary change so that the relationship can renew itself...
A woman, and indeed a man, must become aware of, and willing to embrace the "life/death/life" cycle if they are ever to be in touch with their wild nature.
You may be thinking: "If I embrace the wild nature in me, I will turn my world and my family upside down!" Really? All these things are your birthright and nothing to fear... Doing this can only bring more integrity to your personal life and you existence, because you will not be trying to walk around in a disguise, you wont be afraid of being a creator, a lover, someone who chases after what is right, an intuition truster, a woman truly aware of her power and attuned to nature...

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