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life = choice

* Take Charge *

We are faced with choices every day.

Some are simple - such as where to go and what to wear, while others are more complex - such as which career to follow, or when to have a baby.

The way we make our choices is determined by our culture, attitudes and experiences.

Just as nature has recognisable cycles and and organising pattern, so us human beings have a destiny that needs to unfold.

When we make choices that are in line with the pattern of our destiny, life becomes harmonious and flowing.

When we make decisions that goes against our inherent grain, life becomes bumpy and uncomfortable.

For every action there is a reaction, or, to put it another way, we reap what we sow.

If we make choices based on anger, bitterness, or fear, those emotions will come back into our lives.

If we make choices based on love, truth and honesty, we attract more of the same.

Questioning the motivation behind each choice can be revealing:

Are you in a relationship for love or financial security?

Do you work simply for money or for the satisfaction the job gives you?

Do you give out of guilt or because you wish to help?

The challenge for each of us is to upgrade our responses so that we can live life with integrity, and fulfil our core purpose.

The irony of life is that we are faced with choices every minute of every day. And yes, we all do make some wrong choices sometimes.

You take a short-cut to avoid traffic, just to find yourself stuck in a major traffic jam.

You decide to quit your job for another because the salary is not good enough.

You decide to get out of a relationship, because you found someone else.

The problem is not your choice, but how you live with your choice.

Are you going to take out your frustration on other motorists just because you decide to take another turn and it was a wrong decision?

Are you going to bad-mouth your previous employer who gave you the opportunity to earn your bread and butter?

It is only realistic to accept that we will make wrong choices, wrong decisions and wrong judgements somewhere in our lives.

Take charge, and realise that the responsibility for your choices lies with you.

Forgive yourself and get over wrong choices you've made and begin to LIVE in line with your destiny.

Choose To
* L I V E*

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