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Spanking : your memories!

Here you can share your childhood memories of spanking and tell your storie 2 other visiters! Dont spare any detail 2 us
02.04.2011 16:05 EDT,
Then, the only means she would allow: her sitting with her legs strait out and 2gether, me over her lap, my hard penis held tite between her thighs, slowly pumping as she allowed. When almost ready to cum, she worked a lubed finger in me with 1hand + spanked with other hand. I NEVER HAD such an INTENSE orgasm be4 or since.!.
05.09.2010 08:52 EDT,
she spent a long time rubbing away the pain with cool lotion as she told me how I had to earn the rite to see her nude. 4 each pc of clothg I had to except a spanking. + she would add 2 extra slaps 4 eact pc. Example, 4 smacks I got to remove her shirt then fondle her breasts. 6smacks remove bra then fondle. etc. pc by pc + spank after spank I also fondled her legs, butt, pubic area and removed her skirt, panty hose + panties. Also sucked her breasts and had to give her orgasm with my fingers to earn the rite 4 me to cum. <cont.>
05.09.2010 08:44 EDT,
I was19.Never had sex. so went 2 massage parlor where I heard I may get lucky. The only gal available was older, about 45, but HOT! I questioned why she had her clothes on+ that I paid 4 nude session. 'In due time kid' she snapped. After she slowly rubbed her way down my back, she pulled down the sheet. after very litely stroked my bare buns a while, she gave a hard slap 2 each cheek. I was shocked! but I liked it! It sent vibration thru me right to the head of my penis. <continued>
05.09.2010 08:30 EDT,
I got spanked as kid and still do its fun nopain no gain i say happy dress as schooligrl and otk
25.02.2010 11:40 EST,
I was 18 and never been laid. So I went to a massage parlor. It was very busy and only available female was older,about 45 and rather bitchy looking, but HOT. jet black cleopatric style hair and hot body. Unsmily face, but her stern piercing eye contact turned me on. Once I was facedown, she massaged her way down my back, removed the sheet that covered my ass and surprized me with a slap to each of my buns. I WAS IN SHOCK. for a couple minutes, she slapped my butt and gently rubbed it between smacks. I did not stop her cause I LIKED IT! Long story short, she had me fondle and suck her breast a...
16.01.2010 09:28 EST,
Hi i m sanjay,i want to add my link into ur Frnd's link if u r interested to help me out then plz reply me...
07.02.2009 16:59 EST,
My stepdad use to spank me with the thick leatherbelt on my bare! Me and my 2 sisters. It really hurts and left ugly bruises on my bottem. He always gave six or eight at a time. We have count out each stroke, thank him for it and then ask for another one.
07.02.2009 15:29 EST,

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