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Multimedia gallery

=>my cd's collection<=

Esta es parte de my coleccion, comprende los generos Doom, Gotico y metal. Pasando por el black, power, speed, melodico, atmosferico, death, simfonico, progresivo, trash, en fin la mejor musica de este mundo.

1.-Angst ~ Lacrimosa
2.-Einsamkeit ~ lacrimosa
3.-Satura ~ Lacrimosa
4.-Inferno ~ Lacrimosa
5.-Stille ~ Lacrimosa
6.-Live ~ Lacrimosa
7.-Elodia ~ Lacrimosa
8.-Fassade ~ Lacrimosa
9.-Echos ~ Lacrimosa
10.-Lichtgestalt ~ Lacrimosa
11.-Theli ~ Therion
12.-Deggial ~ Therion
13.-Vovin ~ Therion
14.-Live in midgard ~ Therion
15.-Lemuria ~ Therion
16.-Sirius B ~ Therion
17.-.....and the wings embraced us ~ Lacrimas profundere
18.-La naissance d' un reve ~ Lacrimas profundere
19.-Memorandum ~ Lacrimas profundere
20.-Burning A wish ~ Lacrimas profundere
21.-Fall,i will follow ~ Lacrimas profundere
22.-Ave end ~ Lacrimas profundere
23.-Herzeleid ~ Rammstein
24.-Sehnsucht ~ Rammstein
25.-Live aus berlin ~ Rammstein
26.-Mutter ~ Rammstein
27.-Reise,reise ~ Rammstein
28.-Epilogue ~ to/die/for
29.-All eternity ~ to/die/for
30.-IV ~ to/die/for
31.-Angels fall first ~ Nightwish
32.-Wishmaster ~ Nightwish
33.-Century child ~ Nightwish
34.-Ocean born ~ Nightwish
35.-Over the hills and far away ~ Nightwish
36.-Once ~ Nightwish
37.-Vinland saga ~ Leave's eyes
38.-Lovelorn ~ Leave's eyes
39.-Vanitas ~ Macbeth
40.-Romantic tragedy's crescend ~ Macbeth
41.-God's silence Devil's templation ~ Elis
42.-Dark clouds in a perfect sky ~ Elis
43.-Kill the sun ~ Xandria
44.-Ravenheart ~ Xandria
45.-Widow's weed ~ Tristania
46.-Beyond the veil ~ Tristania
47.-Invisible circles ~ After forever
48.-Prison of desire ~ After forever
49.-Decipher ~ After forever
50.-Exordium ~ After forever
51.-Arcane rain fell ~ Draconian
52.-Where twilight dwells ~ Midnattsol
53.-At sixes and sevens ~ Sirenia
54.-An elixir for existence ~ Sirenia
55.-Masquerade ~ Golden dawn
56.-My own prison ~ Creed
57.-Human clay ~ Creed
58.-Weathered ~ Creed
59.-Aegis ~ Theatre of tragedy
60.-Secret of the runes ~ Therion
61.-Cast away ~ Visions of atlantis
62.-Ethereal ~ Dies irae
63.-End of innocence ~ Nightwish
64.-Highest hopes ~ Nightwish
65.-Dark light ~ HIM
66.-Rosenrot ~ Rammstein
67.-From wishes to eternity ~ Nightwish
68.-Visions ~ Stratovarius
69.-the silent force ~ Within temptation
70.-consign to oblivion ~ Epica
71.-Black halo ~ Kamelot
72.-Enclosed - Dreammaker
73.-doomsday machine - Arch enemy
74.- Anthem of rebellion - Arch enemy
75.- comalies - Lacuna coil
76.-Days of raising doom - Aina
77.-The metal years - Compilation
78.-Mother earth - Within temptation
79.-Grand death opening - Devlin
80.-Infernal - Silent voices
81.-Dark life - Silent cry
82.-Only human - Atvance
83.-Perfume - Antichrisis
84.-Escapextasy - Poison black
85.-Under the cross - Squealer
86.-Touch in the dark - Asrai

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