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Interview with Brat

This is an interview that this reporter had with Brat on 17/02/2008 at 10h30.
Mattsvoice: Thank you 4 accepting
Mattsvoice: brat are you here?
Brat(10:35): what do you want from me?
Mattsvoice: i want your side of the story. Whatever you want 2 tell me is fine.
Brat(10:36): tell me who you are first
Mattsvoice: That doesnt matter brat. do you want the mxit public 2 know your side or not? what i put on the site abt you now is up 2 you
Brat(10:39): tell me who you are reveal yourself. what you scared of?
Mattsvoice: is this how this interview is going 2 go? if so then you are wasting my time
Brat(10:41): what you hiding for matt?
Mattsvoice: im not the 1 hiding here brat. either talk about yourself or i put everything youve just said as is on my site
Mattsvoice: you didnt deny in the room that i wrote the truth abt you
Brat(10:44): i'm not hiding matt you are.
Mattsvoice: Then tell me your side brat. do you regret happenned with destroyer and nitemare? how do you feel abt bianca after she stole nitemare away from you?
Brat(10:47): what's in the past is in the past and should stay there
Mattsvoice: Are you and stuart still having an affair? what does taz think abt all this?
Brat(10:49): matt don't try for 1 minute and think that i'm gonna bring other ppl into this. you want to talk about me? then we talk about me only and noone else ok?
Mattsvoice: ok. how do you feel abt bianca after she stole nitemare away from you?
Brat(10:50): b4 i answer any questions tell me what you have to gain by this?
Mattsvoice: im just putting the truth out there brat. im the voice. this interview is on you and not me. shall we proceed?
Brat(10:53) the voice of what? we'll chat again l8r i g2g
Mattsvoice: As you wish brat. this interview is now over?
Brat(10:54): it's postponed for now
Mattsvoice: i am deleting you brat. thank you 4 your time
Mattsvoice: ok
Mattsvoice: until later then brat
Brat(10:55): lmfao run away then matt and pse make sure you put the truth about this conversation
Mattsvoice: i will brat
Mattsvoice: as is
Brat(10:56): why's your site not working?
Mattsvoice: i have no idea brat. i must look into that
Brat(10:57): cya l8r
Mattsvoice: bye

As you can see i didn't really get anything out of Brat. Let's see if she comes back and continues this interview. Stay tuned.

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