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att - Funny


Well Eduan here is the page I promised to you. Your 5 seconds of fame so you don't feel left out.

Eduan aka Insane aka HBT aka Hitman aka Dare.Devil aka Brave.Heart is the little brother of Heidi aka Diablo. This 25 year old has an obsession with older married women and was the reason that Zoe~sod's husband went apeshit on mxit recently because Insane and Zoe were having an affair. He is bi-polar(manic depressive) and has been previously addmitted to a mental institution for treatment. Didn't help much though because he is still delusional even though he takes countless prescribed medications to remedy his problem. He is a compulsive liar according to sources close to him. One of his favourite passtimes is running around with his gun threatening to take people out. Examples are his own sister Heidi and Bianca when she ended their relationship. One of the reasons for the breakup of that relationship was him calling Bianca's toddler daughter a little slut and was physically abusive towards the mother. Newsflash Insane: That is not exactly condusive to keeping a relationship. He was charged for alledgedly raping one of his ex girlfriend's teenage daughters. While he was in a relationship with Bianca he was stilll sleeping with the above mentioned ex girlfriend Naomi. Sex with this guy is like playing russian roulette with your life since according to a very reliable source he has a sexualy transmitted disease (STD). From the description it sounds like syphillis. Please safeguard yourselves when having any sexual interactions with Insane, ladies. He was in cahoots with Bianca in the Weathergirl/NitesAngel debacle. He bought Bianca the simcard that she used for creating the Weathergirl personae to fool all their friends. However when they broke up, he made it his mission to enlighten everyone about her treacherous behaviour. This twisted, infantile and delusional guy pretends to support his sister on my site yet in actual fact hes the one who is giving out information on everyone. He has been telling everyone who wants to listen how Heidi went to Bianca's flat on 19/01/2008 to physically assault Bianca after Heidi found out that she was having an affair with her husband Azrael. At the flat these two miscreants proceeded to inform Heidi further that they even had sex in Azrael's office and that they were in love. Insane claims to have gotten this information from his mother, ex girlfriend Naomi and one of Heidi's daughters. The family intrigue here reads like a script for a daytime soapie. They should make the song "Heard it through the grapevine" their anthem.

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