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Truth from Bianca

The following is a chat between Bianca and TheMagi on 02/02/2008.

TheMagi: hey
Evil(19:43): Mwahzzz hi
TheMagi: okay so talk to me.
Evil(19:45): heidi found jug at my place a few weeks ago. Went into a frenzy and beat me up and i had her brother threaten me.
TheMagi: Oh my word. Why?
Evil(19:47): uhm why what
TheMagi: Why did she go into a frenzy?
Evil(19:48): eish cause uhm eish zur
TheMagi: Lol what?
Evil(19:51): Well think about it. . . Finding her husband at my place. . . Aint it obvious? He told her they are ova a few weeks before the incident
TheMagi: Uhm were you 2 involved?
Evil(19:53): uhm yes
TheMagi: Oi. For how long were you 2 uhm involved?
Evil(19:54): only since new year
Evil(19:56): cause she's being a b:x that's why
TheMagi: What's half the story and what's the full story?
TheMagi: I haven't heard anything lol.
Evil(19:57): half the story is what's in the rooms and the full story is so much more complicated.
Evil(19:57): lol just hang out in 47 when handmedown heidi is there and u'll hear it
TheMagi: Who is that?
Evil(19:57): dunno he used my one nick as well evil ice
TheMagi: Hmmm that i've seen. with the <= before and after.
Evil(19:59): yeah that aint me but u should know that though
TheMagi: Okay so tell me the complicated story.
Evil(20:01): not going to go anywhere? Right? Sowi but i have to ask, i dont want more shit.
TheMagi: Have i ever talked about what is said in private?
Evil(20:02): no.:)
TheMagi: Lol, So go on.
Evil(20:03): Well jug found out about heidi's affairs and that was it. We only started then. God i cant explain to u how it feels between us. He told her he's leaving her.
TheMagi: And now?
Evil(20:05): Obviously i haven been going there, to jug's in pta. So we didn't see much of each other. But heidi's blamed me for everything. Saying its all my fault.
Evil(20:06): so the saturday he went to the office and came to me afterwards and she got eduan to get someone to see if he's by me
Evil(20:06): then she rocked up there
Evil(20:06): beat me up, he eventually pulled her off me after he got to close the gate and door
TheMagi: Oi
Evil(20:07): and now? Now things must go the route it should and time will tell.
TheMagi: Eish. What's the stories being told in the room?
Evil(20:11): that i fucked up her marriage and i slept with him and that i am the slut and whore and she's the crying spouse wings been hurt
Evil(20:11): that's what she's been saying
TheMagi: but she is the one that's been having affairs while supposedly being happily married?
Evil(20:12): god insane phoned me and told me he'd kill me he'll shoot me i told him go shoot urself and relief humanity of ur sowi existence
Evil(20:12): i know
Evil(20:12): Insane must stay far away from me.
Evil(20:13): and me. . .
TheMagi: Did you open a case after heidi beat you up?
Evil(20:15): i wanted too but that would have caused more shit for jug, she could be spiteful and prolong the divorce. And that we dont want.
TheMagi: So they still getting divorced?
Evil(20:16): yeah
Evil(20:16): its such a fucked up situation
TheMagi: you can say that again.
Evil(20:19): so ja. . . Alot happened in my life. I know its gonna sound corny but alot has happened to make me and let me change my outlook on things. For the first time in my life i truly love someone to death.
TheMagi: How did this whole thing affect your friendship with the rest?
Evil(20:21): me and mich is closer me and heidi dont talk at all
Evil(20:21): i deleted her off mxit
Evil(20:21): dont wanna see her not talk to her
TheMagi: I don't blame you.
Evil(20:25): yeah the bruises are only going away now
TheMagi: Oi.
Evil(20:26): ag its k. . . I'll be fine. Everything'll work out as it should
TheMagi: Just have faith
Evil(20:27): i do
TheMagi: Life can take a detour like we never expect. And it will last longer than we hope. But in the end the detour is finished and we end up where we suppose to be.
Evil(20:31): Happy
TheMagi: Not specifically no. But where god wants us to be. We just need to accept that he knows what's best for us.
Evil(20:36): That is the truth.Acceptance. That prayer come to mind about giving us the something to accept the things we cant change and embrace the things we can
TheMagi: I have it on a coffee mug.
Evil(20:37): yeah its so true but yet we tend to forget it and Him
TheMagi: Yes we do. And he has to hit us hard to see it and go back to him.
Evil(20:39): yes. This whole thing has opened my eyes and restored my faith. Had i not had that i'd be dead by now

There you have it readers. The truth from the horses mouth(G).

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