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Brat grasping at straws...

The following is a chat between Brat and Nitemare on 04/10/2007 where she tries to convince him that he doesn't love his wife.

Nitemare: Mwah. Im ready 4 our talk
Brat(19:10): mwah elo
Nitemare: Im w8n
Brat(19:14): gee ok what you wanna know?
Nitemare: Why do u have a problem wid me marrying marlene?
Brat(19:15): i don't have a problem with it. you said b4 you weren't gonna get mxit married again cause of what happened so why do it again?
Nitemare: um maybe cos i wanted 2? Why exactly dnt u like it?
Brat(19:17): i neva said i neva liked it gee are in luv with her like you were with angel when you married angel?
Nitemare: yeah. ive realised dat i luv her. we ve had a connection 4rm da time we went out
Brat(19:20): but do you luv her as much as you did angel?
Nitemare: i tink ive always luved her. she hurt me man wen she chose d 2 luv. ive been punishing her ever since. ive tried so hard 2 h8 her nd hurt her all dis time
Brat(19:24): yeah true. but you're not answering my question do you luv her as much as angel?
Nitemare: i dnt knw
Brat(19:24): l k that's what i thought
Nitemare: Wat?
Brat(19:26): hear me out. you were in luv with angel everyone could see it even ppl who neva knew you could see it but with marlene it doesn't seem the same. i hope you've done this for the right reasons.
Nitemare: Wat do u mean?
Brat(19:28): oi to me as an outsider i dunno if you're really in luv with marlene like you were with angel. maybe you've done it cause it's a safe thing to do. and i don't mean that in a bad way but why get married when you don't know how much you luv her?
Nitemare: i knw dat i do luv her. i tink dat ive luved her 4 a long time. i just never wanted 2 admit it cos of u guys. we both dnt like da mushy stuff so u cant c it but i knw wat i feel 4 her. she excites me. shes my friend nd my lover.
Brat(19:32): then that's gud i hope you'll be happy and i wish you luck
Nitemare: u still havent answered my question
Brat(19:33): i have. what question?
Nitemare: Why wud it bug u
Brat(19:34): cause maybe i care and i don't want you to get hurt again
Nitemare: u care? fuk i h8 dose words. wat do u mean u care?
Brat(19:36): fuk you can be such a shit at times lol i care about you as a friend and someone i loved b4. weve been through alot of shit but i'm not a heartless bitch i don't wnat you to get hurt again
Nitemare: o k
Brat(19:39): you asked i told you now can we drop it? i told you b4 my feelings are being hidden from now onwards.
Nitemare: Why?
Brat(19:40): then i won't get hurt
Nitemare: Wat feelings?
Brat(19:42): yeah what feelings? i don't have any :)
Nitemare: Wtf! sarcasm doesnt becum u
Brat(19:43): i'm not being sarcstic it's how i'm gonna be on mxit from now onwards.
Nitemare: u nt making sense man. u sed u hiding ur feelings. wat feelings
Brat(19:46): don't worry about it ok. i loved on mxit and i always got hurt in da end so mxit romance is not for me anymore
Nitemare: :e Wtf r u talking abt?
Brat(19:47): don't fukn get cross ok. just leave it pse i should have kept quiet
Nitemare: i wana knw
Brat(19:48): what does it matter now? it's in the past life goes on
Brat(19:50): if you're gonna shout than this conversation is ova. wtf we're supposed to be talking not fighting about shit
Nitemare: u nt talking man. fuking hell. ur avoiding as usual. its fuken useless. never mind dnt fuken bother
Brat(19:53): fine you wanna know i'll fukn tell you. i loved d and he left then i fell in luv with you and you fukn married angel and i got hurt so yeah who gives a fuk now ok happy?
Nitemare: u luv me? still?
Brat(19:55): so what if i do. you've got your marriage to think of. i just want you to be happy
Nitemare: Why do u luv me? i am a shyt
Brat(19:57): maybe cause you are a shyt and i'm stupid lmao i dunno lets drop it now ok
Nitemare: ok fine.

How pathetic Brat. Trying to convince a newly married man that hes not in love with his wife. It's quite clear from the chat that you're in love with him yourself thus wanted to seperate them. Looks like you failed miserably.

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